Why You Should Install a Video Wall on Your Building

Video walls are without a doubt an ideal tool to share information in various environments, ranging from public spaces to business corporations and classrooms. The connecting display is made up of a group of monitors, serving large rooms in different personal and professional capacities. Available in LCD screens, rear-projection screens and laser screens, video walls vary by purpose and cost. They have long been deployed by many big brands and major corporations, but smaller organisations have started to realise the importance of this technology in recent years, gradually leveraging it to boost their brand visibility. To give you a better understanding of the use of video walls, this article will share why you should install one on your building.

1. Attracts greater attention

Utilising an interactive video wall in Singapore helps your company to stand out from the competition. Video walls allow a business to tell its brand story through the presentation of visual elements in an interesting way. The visuals displayed on video walls are usually made to be engaging and lively, hence, garnering greater attention from the audience. Slideshows, videos or pictures create a more impactful marketing effect compared to chunky text when it comes to content positioning. In addition, video walls can influence a customer’s purchase decision by making the product feel more personalised. As a result, customers will feel more inclined to respond through an interactive video wall.

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2. Cost-effective advertising platform

Video walls capture the attention of target customers by providing the wow factor. That is why people often associate video walls with high costs. Nonetheless, this is not entirely true. The overall costs of a video wall are mainly determined by the type of display technology, processor, size and other factors. Despite their high initial cost, video walls only incur low maintenance fees, making them a more affordable option in the long run. Most video walls in Singapore come without consumable parts and require virtually zero maintenance throughout their years of service.

3. Allows your business to monetise it

Video walls offer a direct purchasing opportunity for any type of content, enabling monetisation of your business’ products and services. As a premium advertising space, video walls can also be rented out to other brands and companies.

4. Flexibility and high adaptability

Video walls help businesses to showcase videos, graphics and other visual content, through a single large screen. They pave the way for easy management of content, thanks to their flexibility and high adaptability. You can simply adjust the size of video walls to cater to your advertising needs, without having to replace the entire display. With just the click of a button, content administrators are free to process any type of content from different apps and display sources. Layouts and graphics can be changed as often as necessary. LED video walls in Singapore are widely leveraged to give businesses remarkable versatility in their operations.

Flexibility and high adaptability-LED video walls in Singapore


All in all, video walls enable news, graphics, and other ever-changing content to be controlled, managed and adjusted in a convenient way. This visualisation solution is most commonly used  in the transportation, corporate, retail and education industries, to name a few. If you are looking for a modern, interactive promoting strategy for your business, video walls can definitely fulfil your needs.

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