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Vinyl stickers (also known as die cut stickers, or cut out) are a type of lasting printing, involving the use of large-format inkjet printing machines to reproduce images and prints on huge rolls of coated plastic. It’s specially coated or treated to receive inks in high-resolution image reproduction, thus it’s popular in the marketing aspect for businesses as its colors are especially sharper and brighter.

Customizing vinyl stickers is made easier with the advent of digital printing. Today, what you can print is not only limited to standardized letters, numbers, and shapes, but to any complex logo or art designs you want to use to portray a message for your business.

The main surfaces you can paste vinyl signage on are walls, wood, acrylic, glass, and metal. They can be almost on anything and everything, such as on luggage, laptop, on your car, a boat with water exposure, door, or even windows. As long as the surface is flat, vinyl stickers will stick to it without peeling or falling off on their own.

They usually work best on 2D clear acrylic signage, as any fanciful vinyl die-cut can complement and fit on the simple, transparent acrylic. This is one method that small businesses would usually go for, if their ideal sign is to have something simple and cost-effective, yet show its branding.

  • They are customizable.
    Vinyl stickers are not just limited to your business logo or your product or service’s name. Vinyl cut out’s best quality is that it can be printed and cut out to the thinnest font, if you cannot achieve that through spray painting or other materials of signage. They are especially good on the packaging of your products, such as a sticker to seal the box or even just as an additional sticker for first impression of your branding upon receiving it.

  • They are adaptable.
    You can place vinyl stickers on many surfaces — walls, storefronts, glass, and windows. Vinyl stickers are waterproof and they don’t wear and tear easily even when exposed to water, harsh sunlight exposure, and bad weather. Unless it’s vandalism, they would not peel off by themselves easily.
    They provide a simple solution as well, by simply just placing them onto pre-masked transfer tapes. This makes installing them more feasible to achieve a better and flawless finish with extra meticulous effort.

  • They are pocket-friendly.
    Vinyl sticker prints are less expensive compared to all other types of signage. For instance, paints do chip off after a long time, but vinyl prints will still remain good without defects like scratches or chips. They are considered cheaper and lasting, which allows you to get value out of your money.




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Hoarding vinyl sticker signage
Hoarding vinyl sticker signage
Hoarding vinyl sticker signage

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vinyl cutout sticker
vinyl cutout sticker

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