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Creating the Netflix Signage in Singapore

Big Image Group has a rich history of having big clients for Signage Singapore solutions for the past 25+ years. We have created Signage Singapore for well-established brands like McDonald’s, Citibank, Singtel, and many more. Apart from those, just in recent years, we have gotten the work assignment with the world’s largest and most recognized Over the Top (OTT) platform that provides viewer access to movies or TV shows– Netflix, for making their professional office Signage.

netflix signage
netflix signage

Being one of the top experienced Signage Singapore companies, we constantly use various kinds of ideas in utilizing and selecting materials in Signage Singapore make. The acrylic signage Singapore is a great option for indoor Signage as it keeps the Signage intact, long-lasting, and shiny.

Carrying the Brand

Big Image Group not only installs Signage as every Signage Singapore company can, but we go the extra mile to make sure we meet the client and company’s expectations and standards. We understand the brand, culture, and message that have to be put across and to combine them with every little detail of the Signage factors like material, color, font, placement, lighting, and angle, etc. 

Acrylic Signage 8
acrylic signage
acrylic signage
acrylic signage
acrylic signage
3D Signage Singapopre

Strategic planning

Our planning takes place right after a concrete discussion with the client. Our first aim is to understand the customer’s expectation, and we plan accordingly to how we can execute on it. The Signage Singapore plan covers many aspects by the in-house designer on drawings showing the placement, material, size, design, and proposed product on a site. Our Signage experts will then decide which Signage will be the best for your business.


Big Image Group maintains a high standard of hiring skilled and creative designers with over 10+ years of experience in coming up with intriguing and impressive interior and exterior signboard designs for your business to catch the public’s eye.


Once the look and design have been finalised along with the material and size, we start to manufacture your customised Acrylic sign. We pride ourselves on our fabrication of Signage, as execution upon planning with precision is our top priority in order to stand out from other Signage companies. 


One of the important objectives of our company is to deliver the completed product at a given time, as we understand customers generally expect and determine a good service of the company by main factors like meeting their marketing objectives, budget and time. Time is money.

acrylic signage
acrylic signage
acrylic signage
acrylic signage

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Sign?

Acrylic signage possesses a glass-like quality and clarity, and it offers a light-weight yet strong and stiff look. They are used as a background for graphics or for simple texts, like the company logo. Besides signs, acrylic sign works can be used on the nameplates that sit on the employees’ desks. Acrylic sign is ideal for the Large format printing;

it offers a superb surface for etching, vivid images, multiple dimensions and excellent pantone color matches. With Acrylic sign, it is fun to choose a good array of colors and transparency levels within the material to obtain a more custom look. Make an impactful and professional looking of Acrylic signage Singapore that will enhance your marketing plan! Big Image Group has decades of experience and knowledge especially in this material.


Acrylic signage Singapore comes with an incredible feature– the sturdiness. Due to the toughness it has, it does not break easily like glass. Also, it offers significant resistance against all types of weather. That being said, it’s considered useful and beneficial for outdoor Signage besides indoor Signage. It weighs much lesser than glass, is easy to hold, transport and be installed wherever you would like them to. These qualities allow the Acrylic sign to benefit in a way more than the other Signage materials, so if you’re considering a safe and highly worthy material for signs and advertising, Acrylic sign is definitely ideal.

Acrylic signage looks remarkably professional – This shiny plastic offers a super-sleek, classy, professional look that CEOs and business owners appreciate. The high gloss exterior behind a well-designed logo displays such elegance! 

Whether the acrylic Signage Singapore may be a pigment-rich, brilliant color, like black or red, or the more popular clear or frosted, it goes without saying that signs made on acrylic signs command tons of attention and make an enduring impression within the mind of the foremost refined client.

Acrylic signage is comparatively inexpensive for the high-quality appearance – Signs made from acrylic may look incredibly expensive, but they’re quite affordable. The fabric features many attractive qualities, but it’s still a top-quality plasticâ ¦and plastic won’t break the bank. Compared to wooden signs and signs made from composite materials, which may be costly, acrylic is a reasonable material choice. You get the design of sophistication without the high price.
Specialty finishes on acrylic signage Singapore are super attractive – And if the sleek, shiny surface isn’t enough, specialty finishes also are available. For an exceptionally attractive sign, you’ll add a finished metal backer to the clear acrylic signage” showcasing a brushed or mirror finished silver or gold through the clear surface adds slightly of sophistication to the finished sign.

 You’ll even reverse print gold or silver vinyl lettering and apply it to the rear of the clear acrylic for a distinguished effect. The surface still appears and feels smooth, but the fashionable lettering is often clearly seen through it. Stunning!

Acrylic signage is often accented for a “corporate look”  Acrylic sign are usually mounted with polished or brushed silver or gold hardware called “standoffs,” which give custom signs a distinguished, “corporate” look. wont to make the characters literally “standoff” the wall, this hardware adds dimension and flair to corporate signs.

 “Screw caps,” which are also available in gold and silver, don’t add bulk, but they add style to the already remarkable acrylic. Using gold and silver hardware to mount your acrylic signage speaks volumes “it gives your business a refined and impressive appearance to your clients!

Acrylic sign is incredibly versatile – Acrylic sign comes in 8’x20′ single, seamless sheets, but it is often custom move virtually any size and any shape, “including contour cut logos. Also, the sides of acrylic signage are often flame polished. Applying heat to the plastic edges for just a couple of seconds to form them shiny and smooth creates a really attractive character! Beveling the sides adds a dimensional effect and provides the sign a formidable look.
For even more versatility, add custom lighting around an acrylic sign. Such a lot is often through this high-quality material!
Acrylic signage is ideal for indoor signage Singapore Acrylic sign is tolerant of weather extremes, but we do not recommend it for outdoor use, mainly because it isn’t shatter-proof. The shiny, classy material is ideal for corporate indoor signage, however. 

Use lukewarm water and a nonabrasive, micro-fiber cloth occasionally to take care of your acrylic sign and that they will last indefinitely indoors. Acrylic sign mounted inside serve a dual-purpose “they increase brand awareness and ensure your top quality within the minds of your clients.

Some suggested uses of Acrylic for offices include:

Acrylic indoor lobby sign
Acrylic sheets for walls
Showroom acrylic signage
Office building signage

Main door acrylic signage
Directional acrylic signage
Informational acrylic signage
License plate blanks acrylic signage
Acrylic signage blanks for engraving
Signage acrylic boxes
Brochure holders acrylic signage
Menu boards acrylic signage
Restaurant acrylic signage
Acrylic name plates and badges sign

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