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An event/stage backdrop acts as a centrepiece for your event; it is meant to be eye-catching and memorable with an intention, usually with any of the products and services being hosted, or with a meaningful message and objective. Event backdrops are necessary to set the appropriate ambience and mood for your audience at the event; there is no permanent design to every event, each theme is customised to your event objective and preferences.

Based on our event management experience, we understand that any big-scale event involves great time planning, scheduling and perfect coordination of people activity to allow an event to go as planned. If you do have a tight budget especially so that you do not need the props and decorations after this one-time event, we do offer renting services of the set up. Here are some important points we have summarised to help you through an event:

Types Of Events

  • Product Launches
  • Dinner & Dance
  • Corporate Events & Conferences
  • Appreciation & Awards Night
  • Sales Exhibition
  • Wedding & Intimate Events
  • Photo wall/Photobooth backdrop

This is a great interactive way to gather your attendees together for a photoshoot with the beautiful backdrop set for memories— be it for working colleagues, families or friends, as each set up will be based on its particular theme. Some common photobooth set ups are with cut outs, decorative props such as eyeshades and hats for vintage, retro or cute looks, and also photo wall at the background with the company’s branding that speaks for itself when captured in the photographs. Another type of a common corporate backdrop includes sponsorship, with or without photographs. Sponsor backdrop is a way to credit the companies, brands or persons involved in contributing some sort of support.

  • 3D 2-Tier backdrop

Another great option for an event backdrop is to use two backdrops together in a single design, with one positioned above or in front on an angle to create a 3D depth and visual. We are the best person to look for—in fabricating and fitting 3D signs, such as front lit and 3D box up letters with base that create an impactful look to your event, creating a 1-stop solution for you. Other simple and necessary add ons also include reception counters and display standees, which we can customise on their sizes and designs for you.

  • Entrance arches/die cut backdrop

Entrance backdrops include die cut decorations or banner prints on fixed metal frames for a stable and distinctive structure. Weddings and intimate events usually have entrance arches with beautiful set ups of flowers, fairy lights and carpentry works; you can save up some costs and time to source for different suppliers as we have our sister companies and usual suppliers we work with in these aspects. We are the best to engage to spruce up your venue into your ideal fantasy, cool, or elegant wedding with the different materials used—acrylic, vinyl stickers, wood cut out, wall panels, artificial plants, etc.

  • LED stage backdrop

LED panels are widely used to put together an impressive live event, retail advertising or big-scale awards night where changeable presentation slides and graphics are preferred throughout the event. Visual effects and contrasting lighting play a big difference in an event, which will hype up the entire atmosphere to enhance audience’s moods and emotions with their high-quality images, realistic video graphics and sound effects. We customise your LED video wall  based on your preferred size and clarity.

  • Plant moss wall backdrop with LED Neon

Plant moss walls are increasingly in trend these days, creating a natural look and with some neon signs on it, they take especially good photos as they bring their out strong lighting in contrast with the plants. Neon lights can be molded into any design, text, shape and also chosen in many striking colors.

  • Size of backdrop

If you have no clue on how big your backdrop should be, the width of it should be to estimation of the maximum number of people expected to be there, and the height must be minimally taller than most people—it would seem strange for a backdrop to be smaller and shorter than people.


  • Materials & colors

The materials used for your event should go with your objective, style/theme, and budget. For example, if your event allows a higher budget to bring out the grand and uniquely exquisite style, materials such as silk, fine wood, gold, silver or copper metal can be incorporated in your surroundings. As for colors, it would be appropriate to choose pastel and softer colors for an event that seeks to be warm and light-hearted, whereas bold colors like red, green, blue and yellow should be used for an event that seeks to be prominently loud and flashy.


  • Logos / Branding

Branding is every company’s priority; for corporate events and sales exhibitions especially, the branding plays a huge part in selling itself—the company’s story, products, services and first impression. With repeated and strikingly big logos placed at your venue spot, this serves as an impact for your event. We are specialised in creating both subtle and massively bold vinyl prints, 3D letters, lighted LED signs, and high-resolution large format printing to surround your front or back stage to back up your branding with an impactful impression.


  • Layouts

One of the considerations for an event is the layout space for seating, standing, or socialising and dancing. Our team consists of experienced project planners who can suggest different layout arrangements if you do not wish for a common and boring one. Be it a big space or a small cosy one, we can plan based on your ideal preference, or even recommend creative ways you had never thought of.

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We specialises in fabricating with all kinds of materials and supplying high-quality large format prints, we got the best of both worlds— we are your one-stop event management company in Singapore that sees you through the first step of planning to the last step of full-blown set up completion! We design, customise, fabricate, install, dismantle and remove, and set up. Be it with customised props, LED walls, photo walls of vinyl sticker prints or plant moss walls, our fabrication and carpentry works are all in-house production. If you need a little help with ideas, we have our in-house designers and marketers to recommend you on the colours and designs that go with your theme and budget.

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