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We are the leading signboard maker in Singapore, be it for your business or retail. It is an essential part of advertising for businesses in general. A clear signboard should consist of a business logo and services offered to make its brand stand out.

How Signboard is Made

1 site survey for signboard maker
1) Site Survey
2 design and propose for signboard maker
2) Design and Propose
3 Fabrication for signboard maker
3) Fabrication
4 installation works signboard maker
4) Installation Works
4 installation works signboard maker
4) Installation Works
signboard maker
5) Completion
Boundary wall signboard maker completion
5) Completion

Big Image Group listens to your expectations as to how you want to brand your business, taking them into consideration and meeting your standard to make your signboard come alive. When it comes to making a signboard, this involves a few crucial steps. that signboard maker will take care of.

Understanding your surrounding: First off, our sign making expert team will do a site-visit of your premises to have a better understanding. They will consider important factors such as the purpose of your sign, the incoming traffic in that area, viewing distance of the sign, sign to be illuminated or not based on the lighting of the surrounding to be more eye-catching, and the strategic placement of the sign.

Conceptualising: Our in-house designer will then create some rough ideas for you to check out based on any preferences you’ve identified and the factors that the sign making expert team has pointed out. From there, you can pick out some of the concepts or themes you think suits your business and brand. 

Mock-ups: As a professional signboard making company, we offer digital mock-ups of your sign after you’ve chosen some concept designs. It would be best if you provide photos of where would you like your sign to be placed, so as to allow our designer to create a super imposed image for your consideration.
After these steps, a signboard making company will offer and estimate how much it is for the project. What factors to a quotation involves the materials to use, the size and the complexity of your sign. Alternatively, you can also start off with a budget and we will propose the signboard making accordingly.
Upon confirmation of your design and budget, our designer will follow the specifications you provided to create an eye-catching signboard for your company. Whether you have any creative ideas to input in your design or not, the right signboard making design company will help bring your signage come to life. Even if you do have an idea for your sign, you should also apply these signboard making factors into consideration:

A legible font

High-contrast colors

Appropriate style and tone

Useful and effective information

The right amount of words to use

Materials that are long-lasting

Which Signboard maker qualities
should you look for?


Over at Big Image Group, we value providing excellent service to ensure customer satisfaction as priority. The experience of the signboard making company plays a big part in achieving that, such as the immediate visualisation of understanding the customer’s signboard requirements and standard. This is why big brands choose to engage with Big Image Group as their official signboard making vendor or contractor.  


A quality signboard maker is the make or break factor in the signboard business. Customers should look out for this key factor as it will not only affect their image when the signboard is put up at the front of their store or office, but also in the long run, it is also one of the factors that will affect the company’s budgeting. This is because when your signboard is of quality material that you choose to invest in and that lasts many years, you can save up on getting it replaced so soon. We carefully source for our materials and ensure that we only make quality signboards as the ending product for your satisfaction. 



In many of our past projects, Big Image Group achieved the challenge of producing signboards less than half the time needed of our usual production time. How we are able to do this is through investing in the best signboard making machineries and technologies to ensure precision, and also with our skilled team who are all well-trained with the signboard making knowledge and experience. 



The signboard making company has to be reliable, trustworthy and skilled with excellent experience. Since the signboard is the face of every business,  it should be ensured in the hands of a safe and professional signboard making company, and one of the ways to find out about the company’s reliability is through checking out the company’s past works and customers’ reviews.




Every company has its own strategy to run the business effectively. In the signboard making business, one of the major decisions why customers choose to engage with the company is the price of the signboard, as for some businesses, budget is their big concern. It is not Big Image Group’s strategy to look out for only cheap materials just to save cost, but we ensure quality as top priority. That being said, we still do source for competitiveness in the market as like every business should. 



At Big Image Group, our culture and environment are more in line to fun, outgoing and modernised. Our team is made up of the second generation of  thinking, however, we are also skilled with the decades of signboard making experience and knowledge passed down by the leading founder of this established company since 1995. You can be sure to have a pleasant experience working with us, as we have well-trained staff to first handle your enquiries and expectations from the start to the end. 

Which is best for your business?

To make your business look as professional and reliable as possible, you may consider investing more in good quality and exquisite looking business signs. Your business is more than just a name and a logo; it’s also the brand you carry.

Many businesses have found that positive impacts on sales profits were observed after improved visibilities of their signboards.

Why are Signboard maker important?

If you run a business, a signboard maker can be a hugely important aspect of your brand to stand out from your other competitors. Customers are more likely to visit businesses they have already heard of, have big names to them or market in some certain ways that leave deep impression in the minds of customers.

Having an attractive signboard is a way of effective Marketing.

How to pick the best signboard maker for your business?

Creating and picking the best signboard make for your business can be tricky. We have outlined some important ways to create your business signboard.

To help you better understand how to pick the best one for your company, we have put together this last guide.

Let’s get started.

1. Start with the logo

Logo design isn’t just a guessing game. A professional and skilled graphic designer will be able to help you combine different and subtle elements to send a message psychologically to evoke and enhance feelings to your target audience.

You can also apply the KISS principle “Keep it simple, stupid.” for more minimalistic designed logos.

2. Be consistent

You should also try to make sure your signboard matches and sticks to the rest of your brand’s themes so as create familiarity and not confusion to your customers.

For example, you will see bakeries with bright colors and fun characters, yet law firms will have professional and more toned down colors.

The trick is showing consistency across your different signboards and showing that you understand your market.

3. The color combination is important

Colors matter not just in your logo, but also for your signboard as well. When combining your colors to complement other colors, you should be aware of the message it sends.

For example, contrasting and bold colors will grab your audience’s attention, whereas colors that complement and fit in with each other will give a sense of harmony and familiarity.

Warm colors like orange and yellow can give a more informative to an almost warning message, like for instance, the traffic cones on the road signal caution or danger. On the other hand, more calming colors like pale green and light blue are less aggressive.

Colors do play a part in affecting your customer’s behavior. Customers tend to feel better appetite to eat more when surrounded by warm colors in food places, like yellow and red.

4. Think about personalizing your brand

The text customers read from your signboard maker isn’t just the only way you can communicate with them.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes, an effective picture explains even clearer instantly.

Some signboard maker use animals, people and other characters in their logos to make them seem more animal, family or environmentally-friendly and that they care more about those too besides just sales revenues. This may also create a more personal relationship between customers and the company.

5. Remember the function

Remember that your signboard is more than just an announcement of your presence. An effective business signboard should be the silent salesperson for your business, 24/7 and 365 days throughout the year.

An exterior signboard can help to draw attention to you and your business, while interior signs can help customers find certain merchandise and even lead to an impulse buy sometimes.

Social media in your print designs is also a great cost-effective way to help improve engagement. Signboards are a great link between your business and the outside world.

Think about what you can do with your signboard that is going to draw people towards you. Find out more about different types of signboards and the functions they can do for your business.

You should also take inspirations from the top successful companies in the world and see what their signboard maker are doing for them, as no success comes easy— it takes a lot of work and Marketing to be at the top.

6.  Consider the placement of your Signboard

When you have exterior signboard for your business, you can also go for a ground-mounted signboard besides a sign that’s mounted on your building or storefront.

Ground-mounted signboard comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and signboard maker often place them at the roadside to draw people to their business.

Additionally, it can also serve the purpose of a landmark of your building. For example, it can be help to lead you towards the direction you want or as a meeting point. 

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