Wood Signage

Wood Signage

Wooden signages have been around for years and have seen the launch many home-based businesses and their rise from their humble beginnings to something bigger.


Wood Signage

Many of today’s successful companies started as small home enterprises. Implementation of the right marketing strategies has made these businesses what they are today. And these marketing efforts include the signage the owner decides to use to advertise the business.

In an industry that’s always looking for something fresh, you might wonder if the wooden signage – something that’s been used for years now – has anything new to offer? Does it have the potential to attract customers? Or will having one be more of a miss than a hit?

Well, here are what wooden signages have to offer:

1. Wood signages can help your business stand out.


Consider the signages many businesses use to promote their brands. What do they have in common? They mostly contain an industrial look and feel. That’s because this is the trend in the business industry nowadays. Having one made for your brand is good, attractive even. But it would be difficult for your product or service to stand out from the rest.

But with wood, you get to exactly do that – stand out from the rest. Wood signages are elegant and can go from having a rustic to a more modern feel.

2. Wood is flexible.

Choosing wooden signage for your business doesn’t necessarily mean it has to carry that raw wood feel unless that’s what you, the business owner, want.

Wood is flexible. Technological advancements, paired with superior craftsmanship, have given signage companies the means to mold wood based on the owner’s preferences and tastes. These signages can come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs.

Of course, working with a reputable signage company, like us at Big Image, is a plus. A lot of owners, like you, find it hard to narrow down their signage choices for their startups and ventures. Expert designers, backed by years of experience, can help you make the right choices.

3. Wooden signages are durable.

With the right maintenance, they have the ability to last throughout your lifetime. And unlike other types of signage, the passage of years will only give the wood an olden but dignified look.

Wood is not also easily destroyed by the harsh elements of weather with the right treatments and finishes. These make them ideal for use either indoors or out.

4. They can be more affordable compared to other industrial signages.

High-level manufacturing and processing that industrial signboards go through translate as additional expenses to business owners. And these can put a large dent in the pocket.

Wood, however, doesn’t have to go through some of the processes the above mentioned types of signage have to go through. So costs for making customized wood signages are lower compared to others, yet, the quality is the same.

5. They’re environmentally-friendly.

Wood is an organic material. You won’t have to worry about adding to this world’s clutter or pollution when you decide to discard your signage for something new. Wood undergoes the natural process of decomposition.

Additionally, wooden signs blend well in whatever environment they’re placed in and have the power to look like they’re naturally part of the place’s atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to amp up your small resto’s ambiance with well-placed wooden decorative signs, give your office an elegant feel with the use of smooth-finished wooden nameplates, or want to have your new brand carry the timeless appeal present in custom-made wood signages, you’ll never go wrong with WOOD.

And at Big Image, our experienced designers can help you realize your dream signage for your business.  

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