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Large format printing

Large format printing

Larger than life – these words best describe large format printing. But is larger-than-life beneficial for businesses when we apply this in signages?
And below are the reasons why.
1. They’re eye-catching.
We, people, are used to taking a second look at things our minds perceive as “big” almost associating it with something “interesting.” So, when you use large format printing for your signage, it will most likely be eye-catching.
The impression it creates, particularly if the sign is comprised of exemplary visuals and a catchy tagline, has the potential to last long in a prospective customer’s mind long after they’ve spotted your signage.
2. Oversized prints “speak” even at a distance.
What greatest plus factor do signages in large format prints have over other signboards? They can be seen even from afar!
This is beneficial for business owners who take part in trade fairs or conventions where the venues have the tendency to get overcrowded with both sellers and buyers. Your larger-than-life signage will most likely catch the eyes of potential customers even when they’re far across the room.
3. They literally improve your brand’s recognition.
Imagine passing by a huge billboard advertising a certain brand on your way to work every day. You may only look at that signage once but your subconscious has already picked out the brand name and stored relevant information pertaining to it. So, when certain factors come up that your brain thinks is connected to it, it automatically comes to mind.
Such is the power of large format printing – it has the ability to imprint itself in your brain that when you go to a store, you automatically identify the advertised brand without meaning to, all because of that oversized billboard you saw in passing.
4. They convey the message you want your target audience to get in a matter of seconds.
A picture has the ability to convey a thousand words to its viewer. Think about how effective an exemplary one would be!
Putting a well-thought visual of your brand along with an attractive tagline in large format print will not only appeal to your target customers, but the information they see will most likely persuade them to give your product or service a try.
Simply put, engaging oversized signages have the power to convert your target market into actual buying clients.
But are large format printing signages versatile?
Yes! From banners to posters, decals, and stickers, the possibilities of using this type of signage format is limitless. You can even utilize oversized printing signage if you have a food truck.
You can also use a wide variety of mediums for your large format printing signage depending on factors like location. And since there are myriad ways in which you can use them, you also have the ability to promote your brand consistently in any way that you can.
You just make sure you work with a dependable signage printing company, someone who has been in the industry for quite some time and knows what makes people tick and what doesn’t.
Aside from brand advertising, in what other ways are large format prints used?
Large format printing is also widely used to make wide spaces more organized. We commonly see this in retail spaces where oversized signages are strategically placed on walls to point out product placements and directions. They’re not only good aesthetically, but they’re also informative.
They can also be used as murals for your office. You can employ them as displays to improve your office aesthetics. You can also have sayings printed in large format to work as motivation for your workers or as something that speaks of what your business value to your clients.
So, why not give signage in large format printing a try? Work with our experts at Big Image for your signage needs.

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