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Signage helps to communicate a message to a target audience with the use of symbols and signs. Ever considered the importance of having a captivating signage? The signs and symbols used for a signage may possess attractive graphical contents. The graphical contents make it possible for you or your business to pass across certain information to a wide variety of people that find your signage attractive.

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What is a SIGNAGE ?

The term signage has its root from the French word ‘signe’ that describes the process of making a gesture or hand movement. Which also explains the ability of signage to give direction and lead someone in the right path.
If you have something great to offer to the world and those that come in contact with your business, then signage is a great way to direct people to the product or service you want them to patronize.
At Big Image signage, we ensure that your signage is irresistible to onlookers, thereby moving them to take action towards your desired target of them patronizing your product or service.
More so, if you need an inanimate salesperson for a business, a signage can help to get the work done, which means that signage saves the cost of employing people to pass across the message about your product or service rendering. A signage is readily available at every point in time to share details of your business 24/7 and all year round, which reduces the need to engage humans for certain advertising task.
Before opening the doors to a location or business, a signage can entice people towards visiting the place you want them to visit. Signage that is of top-notch quality and a beautiful design requires little persuasion from someone before a visitor heads towards the direction of your signage.

Why do you need a SIGNAGE?

The need for signage cannot be overemphasized. Most persons come in contact with the signage of a brick and mortar business before choosing where to visit. The several benefits that come with having signage include the following;

  • Marketing and Advertising
    Marketing and advertising are known to be one of the most popular reasons for the use of signage. Companies can take advantage of different types of signage used for advertising. The static signage may comprise of building wraps, advertising hoardings and indoor/outdoor signage, as required by a client. While digital signage can also be placed according to the display requirement of a client.
  • Recognition
    Recognizing a brand can be made easier with the use of signage. As a business owner, you definitely want to stand out from your competitors, and there is no better way to increase the physical visibility of your business other than the use of attractive signage.
  • Appearance and aesthetic appeal
    The appearance of an environment can be enhanced with the use of a signage. This is evident in the display of colorful graphics and the use of high-quality signage materials to beautify a place. At Big Image signage, we can design different signage patterns to boost the aesthetic appeal of a structure.
  • Cost effective nature
    As compared to other forms of advertising such as television, radio and newspapers, signage is known to be the most cost-effective method. Those who seek to achieve more with less financial cost will definitely find the use of signage to be very helpful.
  • Directional signs
    The use of signage ensures that people don’t get lost when they visit a new location. it can be placed to direct people to well-known areas such as cinemas, shopping malls, hospitals and business districts. Event managers will also find the need for signage to direct event attendees to a specific location or an event venue.

Choosing the right SIGNAGE for your Business?

The first impression is essential for the success of any endeavor or business. Signage should properly reflect the voice of a brand and be the first carrier of the ideals of business.

  • Static and Digital Signage
    Choosing between static or digital signage depends on several factors, and you can as well choose to work with both. Static signage consists of displays that are not changeable. Static signage is usually made of Acrylic, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Wood. While digital signage provides displays in electronic form with the use of LED or projectors. The displays in digital signage can be changed, thereby giving room for different contents to be shown to an audience at short time intervals.
    In addition, to choose the right signage for a business, it is important to consider the points mentioned below;

  • Willingness to invest rightly
    Signage should be a priority of a business since it is usually the first point of contact before an individual assesses the quality of service delivered by a company. Some companies utilize their signage for several months without replacement, depending on the quality of signage used. So it is vital to make the right investment for signage that delivers both quality and durability.

  • Good visibility
    A signage that will be placed on a street needs to be visible from a distance. So it is important to go with an option that enables your signage to be well-positioned at a corner with less obstruction.

  • Visual appeal
    Choosing signage with excellent visual appeal can make a brand stand-ouSince most people are visually-oriented, the color combination and graphical design for the signage you need should be convincing enough to enable people to take a step towards accepting your brand.
    More so, people are more attracted to signage that appears clean and sparkling. Faded and unkempt signage will repel many from a building.

Different types of SIGNAGES

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