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Wall Vinyl Stickers

2018 saw the rise of building wraps with vinyl stickers. Because of them, buildings became billboard ads of the brand office that are housed within their floors. What’s interesting about them is that they’re more than just branding. They actually carry stories that have the ability to leave a strong impression on both motorists and pedestrians.

Vinyl Stickers also have aesthetic purposes. You can hide damaged parts of the building under them. You can also keep renovations away from the public eye, only unveiling them until they’re finished and ready to go public.

They’re ideal for products you’ll soon be launching and holiday celebrations.

Wall Vinyl Sticker wraps are the interior versions of building wraps. A lot of people-targeting businesses nowadays are hiring muralists to fill up their once bare walls with bigger-than-life frescoes. These range from the aesthetically pleasant play of words to quotes, doodles, and business-related paintings.


Because wall Vinyl sticker wraps are trendy, catchy, and are less inexpensive compared to mountable framed art.

3D Signage

The 3D sign boards’ advantage lies in their being interactive. They allow customers to have a more reality-grounded expectation from your products or services.

Creativity also factors in when making 3D signage, allowing you to be as unique as you want to be, to stand out of your specific business niche.

A well-crafted 3D signage can catch and hold your customer’s attention. And hopefully, this will generate more sales.

This type of signage is ideal for every business but more so for property sellers and those working in realty.

Digital Signage

The marketing industry’s largest trend to date is signage going digital.

Unlike traditional ones where only one or two aspects are shown, digital signboards are multi-faceted, dynamic and interactive. They get more information compared to the former, too.

Many business experts predict these trends within the digital signage Singapore industry:

  • Automation
  • Segmentation – the content your digital signage show differs ate various parts of the day. Each one targets different demographics within your target market.
  • Cloud-based – this allows you, the owner, to change the message of your signboard with just a few clicks as long as there’s an internet connection around.

Tips for creating the best Signage

No matter what signage singapore trend you pull off though, all that could end up in vain without strategic marketing planning.

Hence, before doing so, keep these important reminders in mind:

  • Make them simple. The trend of simple signage is growing. As the industry is bombarded with countless of new adverts and brands daily, a signboard with too many elements at play could end up chaotic and stressful to the target market’s eyes. A bandwagon for minimalist signages is on the rise!
  • Consider those large wall gaps. Avoid imposingly stark-white walls in your space. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask, “What do I want to see on that wall?”

Then proceed to fill those seemingly sterile walls with signage capable of luring your target market in.

  • Unleash your creativity. Yes, there are guidelines and rules you have to adhere to when putting up the exterior and interior signage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t slide your creativity in.

Creativity can come in the form of catchy lines, strategic photography, and even the colors you use for your signage.

  •  Think outside the box. Do you think your business signage is limited to your walls or those framed tarpaulins, LED TV, and boards outside your building? Think again!

Your brand signage can be everywhere – from the mugs you use in your office, bags you give away with your products, to even the mats in your retailer shop. This doesn’t mean you print out your brand to every one of these.

That’s an unwise move.

A strategically-placed quote, a fun line, an interesting trivia – these components play roles in making your brand unforgettable. Many people do make their choice based on what their senses perceive. Customers could come back because that one-liner printed on your mat is impressive.

  • Know what to write. Your tagline contains only a few words but it GREATLY matters. Know what words to retain and what fillers are. Keep the former and ditch the latter.

Your signage must follow this rule to be effective: headline, short text, and call to action.

  • Remember that this is the age of technology. That’s why if you have the funds, invest in digital signage. “Change is the only constant,” says a popular line. And in marketing, being open-minded to novel strategies brings success.

Your signboards tell your business’ story. They’re not simple advertisements to get you started on the way. That’s why doing them right is important. Aside from wise marketing planning, it’s best to let the professionals handle the signage aspect of your business.

Signage factors that make or break your business

There are factors that make or break your business. And SIGNAGE is one of them.

Yes, your brand name matters. It carries the weight of the product or service you’re trying to sell. Aside from timely marketing, the aesthetical aspect of your logo is vital, too.

But do you know your business signage Singapore is an integral part of your marketing plan? It can either make you stand out or pull your venture down.

Below are the advantages of striking signage in Singapore.


  • Carries your brand by catching the attention of your target market.
  • Reinforces your business in people’s minds, particularly if it contains your business’s logo.
  • Is an advertisement in its own right.
  • Can convey almost anything about your products or services – from information to promotions.
  • Puts your business name out there.

With these said, you shouldn’t settle for so-so business signboards. After all, your ultimate goal is not just to get your name in the market but to make it stand out from the others who are selling the same products or services as you.

You need to keep up “with the times.”

Here are the current and upcoming trends when it comes to marketing through business signage.

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