If you want to keep your Signage project on time and within budget, this article is specifically for you. Research conducted by IBM 14 years ago across 15 countries on 1500 executives revealed that about 60% of business projects do not meet their objectives. No matter the Signage project you are working on, it must have a lot of moving pieces. Therefore, at the very least, you need top-notch planning and close management to let everything run smoothly and successfully.

In this post, we will provide you with 6 essential tips on how to keep your Signage project on time and on budget. If you have not been delivering on time and within your budget, this post is your perfect guide.

1. Minimize the number of decision-makers involved

It is a proven fact that the more people are involved in decision making, the slower it will take to reach a decision. Therefore, you should keep as few decision-makers involved as possible. It does not matter if you are making a decision about signage Singapore or deciding on your lunch venue; minimize decision-makers as you only need to include those essential in the decision-making process.

2. Make sure you have a primary point of contact

To keep our Signage Singapore project on time and on budget, your sign company should have a primary point of contact to manage the project. If you are a client, your organization needs one as well. The primary point of contact should be the most senior with the largest margin to handle such a project. If you choose a senior person with the margin to manage the project, but not senior enough in a position to take independent decisions, he or she will be waiting on others to get things done. Such will undoubtedly slow the efficiency and effectiveness of the project. Also, if the person chosen as the primary point of contact is senior enough to manage such a project, but he or she does not have enough margins, the person will struggle to dedicate ample time to execute the project. 

3. Critically analyze all the details on the front end

Signage Singapore projects are often always detailed endeavors and demand good and quality planning. Before buying your Signage Singapore, ensure you have all the necessary details required. Here, we have compiled the essential things your decision-makers must think about and agree on before launching your Signage project. 

What do you hope to achieve with the Signage Singapore project?

You, along with the other major decision-makers, need to understand the goal and purpose of the Signage Singapore project you want to start on. Understanding the Signage project’s essence will enable you and your decision-makers to avoid and, at the least, reduce hiccups and mistakes down the road. It would be best if you could establish whether the Signage Singapore project would be:

  • A long term project or just a temporary solution
  • Essentially for function or aesthetic
  • Targeted at a particular group of people or a generalized project
  • Able to fit into the general brand identity of the organization
  • A subsidiary of a larger Signage Singapore project

If you and your decision-makers define and could agree on the above points, you will most likely be able to keep your Signage Singapore project on time and within budget.

What is the budget for the Signage project?

The materials that your signs will be made of are hugely dependent on the overall budget for the project. Your budget will also determine the number of your signs, how large they can be, the length of time they will take to build, and the project’s goals. Depending on your project’s cost, you may only be able to afford the first phase of your Signage Singapore objective. 

If you are a new business or start-up company, your budget can also force you to settle for a temporary solution until you can afford a project for the long term.

The installation requirement

The acrylic signage for smaller projects can be easily installed in-house, whereas the signage Singapore company handles more complex and larger projects. There will be a cost for such a project, which will certainly be accounted for. Before any installation of signs, you should discuss it with your organization to understand the sign’s installation capabilities, budget, and how to find an efficient and cost-effective solution. 

Before the acrylic signage making company begins producing its signs, they or your organization need to conduct a site survey. The survey will guide you to access on the placement and other factors affecting the signs. Through the survey, you will identify how the signs will be installed and how it will be built. 

What will be the lifespan of your signage solution?

You must ensure that all your decision-makers are well aware of how long your proposed project will last. If you are working on a long-term solution, carefully consider how long will it take for the materials to be replaced? Will such materials require special maintenance or consistent cleaning? If you only have the budget for cheap Signage materials, you may have to spend more money sooner to replace them. Sometimes, it is a wise choice to invest in a higher cost Signage Singapore, as it would mean better quality and a longer-lasting lifespan to risk being replaced again soon.

When you know how long your Signage Singapore solution will last, you will know the best material to use. If you provide a temporary solution, how long will they last before you replace them with a long-term solution? Your ability to provide relevant answers to these questions will help you keep your Signage Singapore project on time and on budget. 

4. Ensure your project details are well organized

Go beyond just talking about the project details with your key decision makers; ensure that these details are well organized. Without proper organization, details can easily slip through the tracks, and anyone will tend to forget about them. To keep your project on track and ensure that everyone is held accountable for, there must be a paper trail. Today, you have a lot of options to keep track of your projects. Some of these options include e-mail, Microsoft Word, project management tools, etc. 

You would not want to dig through months of e-mails to find important information or instructions. Paper can easily get lost and cannot be accessible to people in different places quickly. You can make use of Google Docs project management tool to ensure there is no loss of any paper trail it is free and can be easily used by anyone without experience. Unlike Microsoft Word document, it is not stored on individual computers, but on the cloud. This means that an unlimited number of people can have access to the file simultaneously from different locations, even edit the document together live! 

With Google Docs, you, along with your decision makers can be completely up-to-date with everything about the sign project. To start working with that, all you need to do is to create a Google account. However, if Google Docs is not for you, you can consider other project management tools like Basecamp and Trello. It does not matter the method you choose; the most important thing is that everyone is familiar with it. Your decision makers and everyone involved must understand their roles and contribution to stay informed on the project details as they develop along the way. 

5. Ensure the project has been approved before ordering

You must ensure that every key decision maker involved in the project has signed off on the project’s final details. Your key decision makers should know about the budget, timeline and the proposed final product. It would be wise to sit down with these decision makers to review all the agreed-upon details one last time before your ordering. 

Your ability to keep your Signage singapore project on time and on budget greatly depends on how well you carry your key decision. Once an agreement has been reached, keep it on records where you can easily refer back to it in the future. Bear it in mind that you do not only need the organization’s approval on ordering the sign project but also to get approval from the Government of that particular location. If the local government does not approve of the sign project, you have to review it.

6. Have a margin for yourself

Irrespective of how well you have planned the sign project, hiccups are inevitable. The more complex the sign project is, the more likely something unexpected can rise in your plans. Ensure you give yourself more time than originally projected so that when hiccups occur, there can be some time to review and correct to get back on track and achieve the final product and goal. Also, if the acrylic Signage Singapore project is part of a larger construction project, the construction may linger and eat into the time you allotted for the Signage. 

The best sign companies do also make mistakes. You would not want to discard your project into the bind because the sign company is behind schedule. The signage company Singapore should walk you through the appropriate amount of time to allot to your project to help you create the appropriate margin of time. Of course, if a signage company makes a mistake along the way, they are the ones to shoulder the extra cost. However, if you want extra Signage, you will have to pay for the extra work. You might want to leave a little room in your budget to accommodate unexpected Signage Singapore needs to reach your ideal Signage put up to attract more sales traffic ultimately.

We have provided you with a complete guide on keeping your Signage project on time and on budget, be it that you are a new start-up business or already an established company looking to refocus and refresh your basic fundamentals of
running objectives and planning efficiently and effectively. Also, we are experienced in advising you on how to do that step by step if you are still unsure. Call us now to understand more.

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