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Retail Signage Singapore

Retail Signage is the first and last thing your customers will see when they visit your store/office and is an effective tool in bringing across your message and branding. Most customers are more likely to buy your products or services when they recognize, recall, and can relate to your business. Thus, it is important to make your Signage stand out.


Having a quality Retail Signage in Singapore helps in getting more awareness and engagement with your target audience more effectively. Your retail Signage is the first thing your customers see when they are near or before they enter your store/office; it is the first point of communication. Signage directs the flow of customer traffic, and if done incorrectly, it can lead to a lot of confusion and misrepresentation. The use of visibility tools can help your business to grow in customer traffic and sales.


Outdoor Retail Signage

Outdoor Signage in Singapore is the most important kind in physical retail, however, it is more than just a Signage that is placed in front of the store; it needs to draw in customers and make them want a product or service from you. An effective Signage in Singapore may encourage people who have passed your store many times before to finally give it a chance and walk into your store with curiosity and interest. Sidewalk and window signs help in attracting walk-by and drive-by customers too, and Neon signage in Singapore can be a good option to capture their eyes.

Informational Retail Signage

Informational Signage in Singapore should be visible and very noticeable in helping customers navigate around easier, finding a direction or informing people to avoid an obstruction. Directional Signage is easy to understand upon sight; it tells customers where to go. All types of informational Signage should be easy to read and be in bold and simple fonts so customers can understand the message with just a split-second glance. 

Illuminated Retail Signage

Illuminated Signage draws attention and stands out effectively in doubling visibility in both day time and night time in the vicinity. A few types of illuminated Signage can be in the form of LED, 3D Channel letters (front-lit or back-lit) and Lightbox, in which you can let your signs light up the way you want by adding the glowing element to the sign.

Promotional Retail Signage

Signs that represent a specific type of product offer an opportunity for retailers to communicate specific details and build more focus on new, seasonal, featured or promotional items. This type of promotional Signage not only allows people to know where and what to look out for, it also influences consumer behavior through convincing language or attractive mental images perceived as being persuasive. For instance, they can draw customers towards a particular product or promotion, or improve interactivity with otherwise unnoticed or less sellable products.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage in Singapore is getting widely popular in recent times, and it is also a one-time investment as you can save on printing materials. It allows user-friendly interface with easy control, and its sleek and high-quality LED display can also catch your customers’ attention when they walk pass and to keep them engaged with the physical interactivity.

Are you a new business owner contemplating on implementing retail Signage  for your project? Or are you thinking of changing your existing signboard? Reach out to us at Big Image, and our experts can help you make the best choices.

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