Project : National Junior College (NJC) 3D Signage

NJC 3D sign

3D standing letters signage is an effective form of visual communication of your branding to create a strong and impactful message. These signs consist of three-dimensional letters that are often freestanding or reinforced into the ground, making them super eye-catching, often good for photo taking as they are usually at the same or above average human height.

Our recent project was 4 massive aluminium letters consisting of the school logo, N, J, and C – which represent the acronyms of National Junior College. The school looked into these factors as they decided to do up this signage within the school compound:

1. Material & Design: 3D letters can be made from a few materials including metal, acrylic, and wood. However, for it to be lasting outdoors, we specifically used aluminium to weld into box up letters. Each material offers different aesthetic qualities and durability, allowing for customisation to fit the specific needs of the environment and branding. The design can range from sleek, to modern, and to fun, ensuring the signage aligns with the overall brand image. NJC chose specific colors, size and font that represented their school and their image to the students, in which we had to deliver this message through this physical sign for them.

Aluminium box up for logo

2. Versatility & Placement: One of the main advantages of 3D standing letters is their flexibility in placement. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, used for several events and functions. Their 3D nature allows them to stand out from flat signage, providing a more engaging and memorable visual experience. For this, we specially reinforce into the soil as it is meant to be a stable and permanent structure for a long time.

3D Signage (NJC)

3. Visibility & Impact: The 3D aspect of this sign enhances the visibility and impact. The added depth and shadow effects on the ground make the letters more noticeable from different angles and lighting conditions. This ensures that the message and school branding is prominent and can attract attention from the students and school guests.

Completed NJC Sign
Completed NJC Sign

Overall, 3D standing letters signage combines aesthetic appeal with functional effectiveness, making it a powerful choice for those looking to make a strong visual statement. We do also professional Reinforcement Concrete footing into the ground so as to make the structure stable with support.

Completed NJC Sign

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