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LED Neon Signage creates a soft, glowy ‘halo’ effect; it is considered the current trend in Singapore, where most influencers on Social Media like to take photos or OOTD with them. It significantly boosts impressions if you are a business owner, be it retail or corporate.​

Neon signage has an impressively long history in the marketing industry use. The retro glamour of Neon can evoke classic impressions of how Las Vegas, Tokyo and Hong Kong streets look like back in the 1950s. Neon has come to represent popular cultures and subcultures, vibrancy, and fun vibes.

Its lengthy history in the marketing and business industry might make you think it has already worn out their novelty— that they are already ineffective when it comes to promoting your brand, but that’s not the case. Below are the benefits many business owners still get when using neon nowadays.

They’re highly visible.
Neon signage is luminous, and this luminosity is what catches people’s eyes. Small boutique hotels or motels use neon signboards to bring up the retro-chic appeal; and bars use neon lightings to attract attention in their dim surrounding as a form of nightlife entertainment.

Neon signs can be cost-effective.
Fun fact: Neon belongs to the Top 5 most abundant chemical elements on the planet.
This abundance makes signboards made out of it reasonably-priced, and as they do not contain any filaments and use little electricity, LED Neon bulbs are cool to touch as they do not overheat. They also have the ability to outlast regular incandescent/fluorescent lights traditional neon glass.
Using a neon sign will not only cut budget costs when it comes to electricity use, but signboard maintenance and repair works can also be saved as the change of light bulbs would not be as frequent as compared to when using other lighting fixtures.

Their use spans are longer.
A good-quality and properly fabricated, installed and maintained indoor neon sign has the ability to last up to many good years, as compared to traditional light bulbs that may fail as early as 6 months.

They can be operated and do blend in at almost everywhere.
You can install a neon signboard in places where you cannot keep decent-lighted signage due to faulty line voltages, power surges and constant power interruption. Our neon signs work with just a 3-pin plug that allows you to shift it one day if you wish to without much trouble and easily just a switch up or down to on or off it. They are great in blending in at any surrounding as they can be in any colors that you can think of or want to match with your theme!

While neon signage is a great option for putting your brand’s name out there as a sole material by itself, we do use acrylic as its backing. The majority of neon signs come with a clear acrylic backing, but you may choose black or colored acrylic to make your neon stand out too.
In some offices where companies want to put up their own slogan or Mission in attractive lights, neon signage can be used to liven up a rather drab office with motivation and happier vibes for the employees. Neon texts or logos can be incorporated with other materials such as in an acrylic or metal sign. 
Nowadays, people do use neon signs as more casual purposes as well, given that it evokes fun and cheerful vibes. Some unique examples would be for live streaming, in wet markets to catch homemakers and elderly’s attention of the young and modern impression, and for special occasions such as wedding proposals where couples can keep the neon sign in their home after for meaningful keepsake.

There are wide choices of color tones for LED Neon, and having a neon sign for your business not only tells how modern and fun you can be, but it can be slightly on the lower budget side too.

Big Image Group works together as a dynamic team with many creative and modern ideas and suggestions. You can speak to us with your bold ideas and we will advise you with the unlimited options, color choices and possibilities we can fabricate your desired neon signage to!


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With our years of sign making experience equipped with the latest technologies & machineries, we have our in-house designers to meet your visual expectations before fabrication.

With our skilled production team’s technical expertise, they are well-trained in manufacturing every different material & installing the signage to perfect satisfaction.

With heads full of ideas in Big Image Group, we make sure it is not just any idea- it must be BIG!

lalang neon sign
red neon sign on infinity mirror
lalang neon sign

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