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A well-made Metal Signage reflects your professionalism and seriousness as an entrepreneur. It’s also a profitable investment over time, as having a durable Signage pays off in years of usage due to its durability.

Aside from advertising your brand name to your target market, your Signage shows the dedication, little details and effort you put into your business. Signage made of metal letterings are very distinctive in their appearance and stand out strong as bold and serious, whether the material is aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel or copper.

Types of Metal Used for Signage

Different kinds of metal are used for making metal and metal-based Signage. The generally used ones include:

  • Aluminium
  • Alumalite
  • Dibond
  • Steel
  • Plate Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Aluminum, arguably, is the most common metal type business owners choose for their Signage. They can vary in thickness and can be customized depending on the client’s preferences. As they’re lightweight, water-proof, and are resistant to rust, they’re ideal for use in exterior applications.

Steel, on the other hand, is strong but vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Signage companies, like us at Big Image, use supplementary treatments to avoid these problems. Reinforcements are also used for stronger installations.

Metal Signage: The Benefits

  1. Metal Signs are used for both interior and exterior applications.
    Where other Signage materials like wood, PVC or Acrylic are ideal for indoor use only, Metal shows off its versatility. Aluminum’s rust-resisting capabilities make it a wonderful material for outdoor Signage. Steel signs can go through additional treatments against corrosion and rust to make them suitable for outdoor installations.
  2. They are durable.
    Metals are known for their strength and long-lasting abilities. Where other Signage materials offer you years of advertisement and service, Metal Signage has the ability to offer you decades. This is a great return on investment for the money you’ve put in to make your brand name a reality.
  3. Metal Sign is versatile.
    As a business owner, you are not just concerned about getting your brand name out in public but actually have it stand out from others that offer similar products or services. Metal Sign offers you that with their customizable ability.
    Metals are available in various thickness levels, colors and even finishes, and Technology advances have made casting metals possible. This makes customizing letter signs, painting, printing and carving on metallic materials easier.
    Aside from that, Metal Signs are made in different sizes— for instance, a small one for the interior use in offices, or larger ones to catch your target market’s eyes and to make a strong impression.
  4. You do not have to wait long for your Metal signboard to be ready.
    The usual manufacturing time for custom Metal Signage is between 2-3 weeks depending on their make and the requirements specified by the business owner.
  5. It can be installed with lighting applications.
    If you want your Metal Signage to be visible during both day and night, you can have an additional electrical application installed to illuminate it. You can choose to install this at the back of your Signage to cast a lighted glow around it, or on top of your signboard if that’s what you prefer, or even inside the Signage itself provided that its design has openings for the light to pass through.
  6. They are more affordable in the long run.
    In truth, Metal Signage can be pricey in the “now” mindset. However, Metal’s durability greatly contributes to its longevity, and a long-lasting signboard pays off for many years to come.

    Are you a new business owner contemplating on using Metal Signage for your project? Or are you thinking of changing your existing signboard to a Metal one? Reach out to us at Big Image, and our experts can help you make the best choices.

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