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Lightbox Signage Singapore

A Lightbox signage consists of a flat box display made from translucent plastic or glass and is lighted from within (usually with LED lights). Printed graphics made of Vinyl cover the box’s face, bringing to life the business owner’s concept of their brand.

Why Lightbox Signage is Important

According to Market researchers, lighted Signage in Singapore is more likely to attract potential customers compared to their unlighted counterparts. This significantly impacts your choice to implement lightbox Signage as a business owner in singapore. After all, as Signage is one way to advertise your brand name, you would want something that can increase foot traffic, grab customer’s attention, and ultimately boost sales. It is with no wonder that many enterprises jump on the “lightbox Signage” bandwagon.

If you’re thinking about using or converting your existing Signage to an illuminated one, Lightbox signage is one of the simplest types of lightbox Signage.

Lightbox Signage: The Benefits

  • It can be used either indoors or outdoors.
    While most business owners opt to display their Lightbox Signage outdoor, this does not mean that it cannot be used indoor. There is slim Lightbox signage Singapore that is great for indoor use— for example, to highlight the business name at the reception area of the office, to market a newly released product line in an event or in office, or as a way for your brand to stand out in a business exhibit or convention.
  • It is visible throughout day or night.
    The colorful faceplate of your Lightbox Signage does the job of attracting walk-ins and possible customers during the day. When night falls, all you have to do is turn the Signage on to light it up, illuminating these very same colors that also entice people’s eyes and attention during the daytime.
    The good thing about Lightbox Signage is that it can be turned on automatically by using a timer, thus, saving more on manpower and power consumption.
  • Lightbox Signage speaks highly of your professionalism as an entrepreneur.
    An illuminated sign is an effective way of conveying your professionalism to your target market especially if your brand is new. It gives the impression that you are not cutting corners in reaching out to potential customers and you are taking people’s awareness to what it is you are offering seriously— it helps reassure customers that you are here to stay, not just some fly-by-night enterprise.
  • It adds a touch of uniqueness to the brand you are advertising.
    As a business owner, you would want to stand out from among the many products or services similar to what you are offering. Using Lightbox  Signage can actually help you differentiate yourself from the crowd.
    Illumination is one great way to get the message you want to convey to your target customers. Lights have the ability to bring out your design’s elements— from the text to the font, the color scheme you use, and even the graphics to apply.
  • Lightbox Signage is an excellent return on investments.
    Technological advancements led to the replacement of fluorescent lights with LEDs when it comes to illuminated Signage or LED Signage. LED, as we know, consumes lesser power, has a longer life expectancy, and is more environmentally-friendly. These features make Lightbox Signage an excellent return on investments in the long run.

Is Lightbox Signage an Effective Marketing & Advertising Tool?

Yes! Market research done by the rum company Bacardi revealed that illuminated promotions in bars increased the sales of the endorsed drinks to more than 100%.

Belgian-based Financial company Fortis also discovered that when promoting a Financial plan, branches that utilized illuminated posters generated 30% more sales compared to those that only employed non-illuminated ones.

These two examples are strong testaments to the efficacy of lightbox Signage in Singapore, branding, and promotion-wise. Want to know more about Lightbox Signage Singapore and how it can help your business grow? Big Image is here to help.

lightbox signage

Why Your Lightbox Signage Not working?

Most lightbox signage are usually designed to figure under specific power voltages. Therefore, if the voltage gets too high or too low, it’ll cause a dysfunction. The maximum standard voltages that tons of devices work under are 120V and 130V.

 However, some tools have the tenth allowance and must need to do so to avoid any issues that may occur thanks to the wrong voltage. Therefore, if your LED sign is configured to figure on 120V, you should never run it on 230V. This is often one among in the foremost common issues that cause lightbox signage to prevent working. When purchasing or replacing the LED for your lightbox signage Singapore, you ought to make sure that you buy ones for the proper voltage as this may go an extended way in ensuring that no issue arises thanks to the incorrect voltage getting used

Poor thread connection

This is where your lightbox signage is characterized by threads that tend to become loose within a brief period; hence causing the lightboxes to flicker or pack up altogether. During this case, you ought to make sure that all connectors within the light box signage Singapore are pressed tightly to ensure that electricity follows through the circuit and avoid the threads becoming loose within a brief period of your time. This could be inspected from the purpose of the Lightbox signage in Singapore being installed and during routine maintenance.

Issue with LEDs

LED lighting is understood to be one of the longest-lasting lighting technologies. It’s rare for them to be faulty for no apparent reason unless in rare cases of power supply failure. Compared to other lighting options, LEDs are the foremost economical over an extended period. Therefore, to avoid unexpected loss of the LEDs lifespans, it’s advisable to use the simplest quality LEDs capable of serving you for several years and within the end of the day, saving you money that would be utilized to replace a budget but unreliable ones.

lightbox signage
lightbox signage

Various Kinds of Lightbox signage

Classic Lightbox Signage

Made using standard range aluminum frame, this lightbox method may be a preferred option thanks to quick access for maintenance or replacement of design. Common applications of lightbox signage can be in shophouses and hawkers.

Custom Shaped Lightbox signage

Lightbox is often customized into shapes consistent with your logos. Unique profiles that match your branding and interior finishing makes it stand out even more.

What does lightbox signage provide?

Lightbox signage provides an appealing method of communication to current customers or possible future customers. Lightbox signage also offer a far better way for people to seek out the business more quickly because they will be ready to locate it from distant. Lightbox signage also can be provided within the inside a company.

Different names of lightbox signage we use in Singapore

As we have many terms of naming the signage, lightbox signage can have many various names.
Various names such as like lightbox signage would be  LED  signage, LED snap frames, LED light-up displays, and backlit signs.

How are lightbox signs constructed?

Lightbox signage are made up of enclosed frames that contain indoor lighting. The materials that are used the foremost would be steel, aluminum, acrylic, and versatile substrate like Panaflex. Most of the light boxes that are manufactured today have LED lighting.

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