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LED Signage​

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are essentially tiny lightbulbs without any filament, meaning they cannot get particularly hot or burn out. LED Signage has gained traction throughout this fairly short time since it was introduced. Thinking along the route of lighted Signage to advertise and make your business well-known? Illuminated sign boards come in three types – Fluorescent, Neon and LED.​

What is LED Signage?

LED is the acronym of Light-Emitting Diode. In simpler terms, a diode is a small light bulb. An LED display is composed of thousands of these small light bulbs that are:

  • Lined up around an object or name to highlight it,
  • Arranged in colors to form an image or message, or
  • Manipulated to flicker on and off to show different images, colors and messages.

Why the Increasing Popularity over Other Traditional Lighted Signage?

One of LED’s unique features is that it is eye-catching— its remarkable brightness, unparalleled by fluorescent and other lights. This brightness brings great contrast to the darkness of the night, and is not glaring and over-exposed during daytime. Therefore, when you’re using LED Signage, you can be sure that people will see what you’re trying to advertise up close or from a distance, at any time of the day.

  • They are better, aesthetically-wise.
    One common problem business owners encounter when using lighting arrangements to light up their Signage is that some of the bulbs seem to grow dimmer than the others in the long run, and fix ups would mean dishing out more cash. With the installation of LED, this problem would be minimized. Signage with uniform brightness gives the impression that the business owners are efficient and serious in their branding.

  • LEDs have longer lifespans.
    Quality LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours. That’s approximately 3-6 years longer than the lifespan of fluorescent lights. Unlike the latter, the former does not contain gases that may leak out over time causing dimness.

  • They are easier to maintain.
    LED lights require less maintenance compared to other types of lights. You do not have to replace them often given their longer lifespans. The lights themselves are not in glass tubes so they would not break easily; this makes them ideal for outdoor application. There are also waterproof LED lights made specifically to withstand very wet or humid weathers.
    Another advantage LED has over its counterparts is its smaller size. As LED lights do not come in tubes, one can have LED Signage made with a thickness of just 1-inch. This feature contributes to lower shipping and installation costs.

  • LED lights are environmentally & human-friendly.
    LED Signage usually uses up to only 10 watts. It consumes approximately 80% less energy compared to neon and fluorescent-lighted signage.
    Fluorescent bulbs also contain mercury. Though only a little amount, this metal and its vapor are health risks to both humans and the environment. By using LED, you’re not only keeping the people around you safer, but also minimizing the environmental pollution.

LED Signage is Flexible, too!

Entrepreneurs see the importance of their brand standing out strong from the wide range of similar products and services that are in the market. The versatility of LED Signage can help to get closer to accomplishing that goal.

By utilizing LED, you have a wider range of options when it comes to animations, different kinds of movements for your message or tagline to attract your target market, changing of colors, and even digital displays. Many big commercialized cities like New York, Shanghai and Tokyo have been making use of LED light Signage all across their streets to create vibrant attention.

Unprotected LED lighting can be too strong that it can be a little harsh on the eyes sometimes, which is why it is generally presented behind Acrylic or as a backlighting element— which our team can advise you on.

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