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House Number Signage

The first impression to guests and passerby of your house, apart from the main gate or overall exterior look, is your house number signage—as it is the thing that they will look out for to make sure they get to the right house. The best part of having your house number signage is that you can personalize and customize it the way you want! If you are looking for ideas to make your house number signage in Singapore in an impressive and presentable way, you have landed yourself in the right article.

Why Is House Number Signage Important?

The material used and style of your house number signage significantly adds to the visual impact and prestige of your property. These are the 3 main reasons why you should invest in a proper house number signage:

Custom & Bespoke: Numbers and alphabets to make up your sign can be cut to any font, shape and size of your preference, making it unique to your standard and not generic. In another term, it is custom and bespoke—another house number signage will not be like yours at all!

Personalized to your style: You can choose to customize it in a bold and strong impression, or in a simple and subtle way. When it comes to shapes, you can play with it to be circular, rectangular (vertical or horizontal), square, or even unusual signage shapes like oval, triangular, or hexagonal. Some home owners would prefer making certain letters or numbers that they feel are special or lucky to them stand out more, such as “8” or their family surname. When it comes to material choice of the sign, different materials suit different theme and style;

  • Metal carries off a more grand and high-quality impression,
  • Acrylic represents simplicity and a modern feel,
  • Wood can make the exterior look unique, quirky or more calming, and
  • Lit up signs with LEDs embedded can make the signage glow especially during the night.

Visibility & Directional:
The most important factor of a sign is serving its purpose of making directions and visibility easier for everyone. By creating a house number signage more visible and clear, it allows more convenience and instant recognition of your house number for delivery men during deliveries too. A 3D sign, such as laser cut out, is an option to make your sign stand out and making the words more visible from a distance away.

There is a wide variety of different materials, finishing and styles you can use to make up your house number signage. Let us start with these main categories of materials before we look deeper into the different styles!

House number signage Materials/Types of Signs

In 2D (Flat):

Acrylic Plaques/Plates

In 3D (Pop Out):

Acrylic Cut Out



Some Styles/Designs To Consider

  • Style 1
    To look exquisite/grand

    Acrylic with spacers with Stainless Steel backing in Gold or Silver


Metal signs generally give off a grand and expensive feel. The chic brushed stainless steel finish, complete with contrasting black letterings, allows an instant visibility from afar. One advantage of a metal sign is that it is long lasting and resistant to all weather conditions. Having a good quality sign is a worthy investment for your house, as it requires little or no maintenance over the years.

  • Style 2
    To look minimal, yet ideally classy & modern

    Laser Cut Out/Floating Acrylic House Number Sign


These days, modern aesthetics are highly in demand—minimalism and contemporary styles do not appear heavy, but carry off a clean, classy and timeless theme and feel, making it easy for the eyes and mood. These acrylic signs will not appear bulky or overwhelming on the outside of your house, but is easy for visitors and delivery drivers to see your number and name of the street. They usually come in classic colors like grey, white, or black—depending on the theme of your exterior or main door.

  • Style 3
    To create attention for glow and a warmth feel
    Illuminated House Number Sign


Lined up around the sign to highlight it, or reflecting from the back as backlit,  do not underestimate the power of a lit up sign to light up your house number in the night! Take a quick visualization of a dull unilluminated sign in the night and a lit up sign that glows and brightens up your number and street name—the main difference is its functionality in giving instant directions and recognition of where people want to arrive at. An illuminated sign can be done in backlit, or an LED lightbox, and is both affordable and functional.

Big Image Group not only specializes in designing, fabricating and installing signage works for retails and corporate offices, but we do help many homes in Singapore create welcoming and presentable interior and exterior signage too. Do not worry if you do not have any ideas to begin with as our expert team can guide you from the start.

To get a quicker quotation, please do email the following points to and our best representative will get back to you ASAP:

  1. Height of numbers/letters
  2. Preferred material & finish (for eg: stainless steel, acrylic etc.)
  3. Font type/design style
  4. Placement (best to send pictures of wall/door/entrance of house) 

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