Hold Successful Events with these 5 Types of Signage

While signages may often be overlooked, they are highly critical, especially when it comes to the success of an event. As one of the first elements seen by attendees, signages help businesses garner attention, position their brand and convey useful information. A concise and clear signage directs attendees towards what they are looking for. There are numerous types of signage available for use at an event. To help you narrow down your choices, we would like to recommend the five signages below for you to host an event successfully.

1. Banners
Incorporating event banners can be a wise investment as it is deemed as an effective marketing tool for your business. Fabricated in PVC / canvas banners printed with high-resolution and attractive colours, these large-sized personalised banners showcase your event information to attract attention. They help to elevate your event, leveraging outstanding visual presentation. In addition, event management companies in Singapore also use well-designed banners to captivate guests and leave a positive lasting impression on them.

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2. Backdrops
Decorations serve as excellent mood setters and backdrops play a significant role in enhancing those decorations. Available in various designs, colours and materials, backdrops allow you to style your desired event decorations in just the way you like. You can even combine different backdrops to enhance your event’s overall theme. On top of decorating purposes, backdrops are also durable and reusable. They can be utilised repeatedly if handled with proper care, making for desirable, cost-effective solutions.


3. Entry / Reception signage
When displays and banners are commonly deployed in an event, we tend to overlook other useful signages such as an entry signage. A bold entry signage not only establishes a good first impression for your event but also facilitates its discovery. Entry signages can be both set up in the form of physical and digital signs. The main objective of leveraging an entry signage is to inspire event attendees to share event updates, photos and more.

4. Directional signage
Directional signage is highly effective in directing foot traffic to your event. Businesses usually use bold colours, arrows and other impactful elements to enhance the effectiveness. By seeing these directional signage, guests will be guided to the event location.

5. Floor graphics
Compared to messages seen in conventional spaces, one from an unexpected location, for instance, the ground, provides greater visibility. As floor graphics can be printed in large sizes and they are also often placed in high foot traffic areas, visibility is further boosted. Using floor graphics is a great way to effectively promote an event and direct attendees to the venue. Moreover, they are also capable of helping individuals spot niche or secluded areas and can even be used for branding, leveraging available floorspace.

Now, with a better understanding of the different types of signages you may be wondering which one works best for you. To make a more informed decision, seek professional advice from related experts. Before implementing your signage setup, do also take a few things into consideration, such as the venue and number of attendees.

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