On 9 August 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia to become an independent and autonomous state. The separation has been caused by profound political and financial differences between the ruling parties of Singapore and Malaysia, which generated communal tensions that led to racial riots in 1964. In a press conference declaring the force of separation in 1965, former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was concerned about Singapore’s survival.

However,  Singapore’s success later became an inspiration for many countries in the world as it is an incredible transformation in how a small fishing village in the early 19th century became a now modern and prosperous city, well-known as one of the richest places in the world. Its boundless visions and stringent implementations following Lee Kuan Yew’s pragmatic leadership play a part in Singapore’s stability especially in the effective control in corruption, security and the prosperity in economy up till today.

To maintain its standing as one of the more developed cities in the world and to further its economic prosperity, Singapore keeps up strong with innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and growth in all trades of services. This sparks a rise in more businesses trying out all different ways of advertising for competitiveness in more sales.

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carved wooden signage can add an exquisite charm to a property, making it exotic and to stand out because of its uniqueness. Wooden signs are great for homes, businesses, and even on boats. Carving signs can be an enjoyable craft task, although they do require some patience and skill. They do give a rather traditional Chinese appeal as well.

Neon is a glass tube filled with inert gas at a lower pressure than found in the atmosphere. An electric discharge is passed through it, creating a soft glow and an illuminated reaction. Neon tubes are easy to handle and flexible, making them extremely versatile to use. The wide range of benefits makes them the perfect option for just any business! Let’s first see the different benefits between Traditional & LED neon light signboards:

Benefits of Traditional Neon Lights:

  • Versatile
  • High visibility
  • Attractive & eye-catching

Benefits of LED Neon Lights:

  • Longer lifespan
  • High visibility
  • Energy-efficient
  • Attractive & eye-catching
Various colors are available for the lighting of LED Neon Signage, and Big Image would be glad to help you with your choices.

(Signage singapore advertisements done by Big Image Group)

In the 90s, Light Boxes are considered to be one of the effective ways of advertisement.

Outdoor advertising has always been one of the most significant, influential and stylish advertising types. Regardless of what other advertising sources there are and how many new ones arise with the advancement of technologies, outdoor advertising continues to stay as one of the top most effective methods.

Lighted signs tend to draw in much higher customer footfall in sales traffic, and will most likely end in a significant increase in sales. This advertising medium allows you to succeed in a better number of individuals and leave your company in a long-lasting impression. Nowadays, these advertisements are prevalent among different brands and are widely used.

Features of Lightbox Signage:

  • Attractive, even from afar
  • Create a company presence
  • Professional feel
  • Visible from each side
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Energy-efficient
Big Image Group has done the Signage in Singapore for big brands like McDonald’s and Citibank in the 1990’s. We are the most trusted Signage maker in Singapore serving 25+ years of service islandwide, and we provide top quality materials and service.

2000's Advertisement Signage with SMRT on public vehicles

(Wrap advertisements done by Big Image Group)

In the 2000’s, we started seeing the demand of Large-Format printing signage in singapore for huge advertising stickers as banners or decals to be placed on public transportation vehicles- on the interiors and exteriors. They convey the message you want your target audience to get in a matter of seconds.

One of the most straightforward benefits of advertising on a bus is that viewers cannot ignore it. They cannot turn it off or click to another page like digitally. The ads are massive right in front of them, and it helps in directly or indirectly registering into their minds. Bus ads are visually arresting, and therefore the large and colorful designs demand attention. 

(Wrap advertisements done by Big Image Group)

With a rich history and being a world-known big brand, it would be safe to say Coca Cola only chooses to work with established and professional companies of high standard. One of Big Image Group’s honors was doing up a few projects for Coca Cola, using large-format printing to carry out the company’s brand on all of their vehicles in Singapore.

(Big banner signage in singapore done by Big Image Group)

One of the more advantageous promoting spots where Signage can have an even more powerful and professional effect is to be situated outwardly in its surrounding and surfaces, and also within the interiors of building in the central business district. This kind of Signage advertisement is very widely used in Singapore and all the major countries that are full of office buildings and towers.

Big Image Group started doing the big banner projects since 1900’s, and also because it was high in demand at that point of time. These big, bold and fade-resistant printing are hard to not be seen from a distance or from across the street as it is emblazoned and displayed conspicuously. Among the top brands and companies, the leading Telecommunications company “Singapore Telecommunications Limited” (Singtel) also approached Big Image Group for their banner advertisement. 

(Wrap done by Big Image Group)

The mass rapid transit (MRT) system in Singapore today is an integral pillar of public transportation with an average 3.3 million passengers daily. In the late 1970s, Singapore had been keeping up with an efficient bus network, however, further planning studies conducted during that point anticipated that transportation problems would rise with Singapore’s booming population and rising expectations for transport efficiency. Therefore, SMRT commenced its first operations to help with the convenience and transport efficiency for the population. When the MRT’s line was opened and was introduced to its first passengers in 1987, the Government decided to wrap all of their trains.

One of the designs on the trains was to celebrate the National Day, and also Singa The Courtesy Lion- the mascot used to educate the public on courtesy and that most Singaporeans grew up knowing. The main point, however, was that, SMRT confidently assigned Big Image Group for these important tasks! 

As BIG has such rich history and proven experiences since the 1900’s, you can entrust your Signage projects and expectations in us. Speak to our team now to understand more.

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