How to make your Hawker business or stall stand out with your Hawker Signage?

Hawker centers are around since the 1970s. They house a spread of food and delicacies from different ethnic groups. It’s also an area to collect to talk and bond over a meal. The primary hawker center Yung Sheng Food Centre was opened in July 1972. This hawker center was referred to as the “60 Stalls” due to the 60 stalls. Hawker centers have hence become an essential part of every Singaporean’s life.

Hawker center lightbox signage is one of the foremost intriguing yet undiscovered areas of study from a design perspective. Different types of signages are available in Singapore’s hawkers, each carrying different designs or similar typography. The critical factor here is that majority of them use bilingual signages.

The Three Generation of Signages

First Generation (1970s-90s, can be occasionally seen now)

Easily identifiable by the pure usage of typography with no images of food. It’s generally set against a white background with red/blue text for various languages. There’s an occasional use of illustrations to point out what they’re selling.

Second Generation (the 2000s-2014)

The second generation of signboard is identifiable by the mixed usage of food images and bilingual typography. The simple Lightbox Signage background now involves more colors like green, yellow, and red. The most common signboard during this generation is the use of one food image alongside the shop name. Around the 2000s, another wave of signboard was developed. This semi-new signage is often seen with the addition of awards and recognitions given by television variety shows and food blogger reviews. It’s often mixed with their food photos and shop names, leading to a clustered signage.

Third Generation (2010-Current)

The third generation of hawker lightbox signage is identifiable by the distinct look of minimalism and custom typefaces for their shop name. lightbox signage involves the use of design principles such as fonts sharing the same characteristics to achieve visual harmony. In addition, they tend to only use their shop name as the main logo. They do not show any photos of their food or the awards earned on the signboard unless it is with a sticker pasted over. It is somewhat similar to the first generation of signages.

Hawker signage
Hawker signage
hawker signage
Hawker signage

Why does old Hawker signage need to Replace with New signage?

When you manage or own a hawker business in Singapore, you likely see your external signboard multiple times every week or day even. first impressions are everything, and countless people travel by your signage for the primary time a day, making blink of eye assumptions about your business.

1. Dirty signage

Dirty signage can make Great Negative impact on your business. no matter how much you spend money on the interior office or store the exterior signage defines it all, no matter how much you do the marketing on the digital platform or offline, the Signage will decide the brand value of your business.

Dirty signage
Broken signage

2. Damaged or broken signage

heavy wind and rain may have damaged or dislodged your signage. Apart from looking at a touch disordered, damaged signage could cause an accident. We are happy to conduct a visit to assess any broken on problematic signage and recommend a Solution.

3. Old dated signage

A long-standing business is a trusted one and if your name is known within and beyond the local area then that’s something to celebrate. Replacing an old and out dated exterior with fresh new signage is a way of acknowledging your achievements thus far, and celebrating what’s to come.People always find attracted to the new signage as it resemble as some thing new is coming on you store or business.

hawker signage
signage singapore

4. Incorrect signage

incorrect signage is not only Dangerous but also it may lead your business Down, maybe you had changed you old contact number or email-id which was creating good leads for your store and if you forgot to change the Signage then it may lead to cut down your Business if the customer cannot able to contact you then it ultimately affect the company reputation.

5. Rebranding

If your business has grown or moved in a new direction since you had your original signs installed, it’s probably time to rebrand them. Your business’s exterior will influence a replacement customer’s decision to do business with you, so your signage should reflect your offering’s standard and substance.

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