Traditional Hand-Painted Sign

Signs can be seen everywhere in Singapore in storefronts, billboards, offices, even on passing vehicles and buses. Their purpose is to be huge, attractive, and widely visible that it is almost impossible to not notice any. Signs are designed to catch our eyes; they shape much of the aesthetic character of our cities and landscapes, creating visible archaeology of where we live.

Older signs especially have a particular endurance. Hand-painted with an excellent permanence that outlasts their original commercial messages, they tell a story of a bygone era. Each decade, and every region, has its look and feel Ouija fonts, bold black enamel letters, winking cartoon characters, jazzy cut-outs, and also the bubbles and stars, curlicues and winding flowers, or sleek, minimal designs. Interestingly signs elevate the ordinary the name of a grocery or shoe repair shop–to the gorgeous, suggesting unique taste and a spotlight to detail within.

Some of that signage has managed to linger past their time, providing a layered history of commerce and elegance. Along rural highways and in what’s left of old industrial cities and brick buildings are still adorned with “ghost signs” faded letters bearing the names of companies and merchandise from decades past. These ghost signs still whisper yesterday’s gentle sales pitches, in stark contrast to the marketing norm of today’s big, blocky lettering on banners and billboards that are industrially produced, calling for attention with bold but lifeless uniformity.

Enjoy the timelapse ( Sign Painting )

hand painted sign
painted signs
painted signage

Why are Hand Painted Signs preferred as Business Display?

Hand-painted signage gets your location noticed– no matter where ever you set up the store in Singapore. Being both accessible to customizable and exclusive to any business, all of your potential and high-value customers will see the time and care that was put into each hand-painted sign. They’re perfect for nearly any industry, and mostly used in:

Restaurants & Retail Shops
Apartment Complexes
Art Galleries & artistic spaces
Refreshment Stands & Food Trucks

Customers will appreciate the uniqueness, personalised and traditional artistic style you portray through these signs.

At Big Image Group, being the leading sign manufacturing company in Singapore, we can craft any custom wood signs or hand-painted signs on wood for you at your preferred style and expectations. 

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