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Front lit signage, as the name suggests, has a prominent front illuminated face with LED lights diffusing out in various tones and brightness levels. It is one of the most common and popular sign options, as it draws a lot of strong attention from even a far distance away or especially at night. LEDs are incorporated within the sign customised by channel letters of mainly the materials metal and/or acrylic.

Frontlit signage is the most popular type of channel letters or box up letters sign readily fabricated in the market today. They are widely seen when you walk down a stretch of retail stores in shopping malls, and shining brightly in the dark on high-rise buildings. Illuminated directly from the front, they immediately grab anyone’s attention especially late at night or in a dim environment.

Front Lit Signage Details 

Versatility & Flexibility

  • Design to your creativity
    Front lit letters or lightboxes have many fabrication options and styles. As the signage belongs to mainly your brand and business, you have the wide flexibility to design your signage in almost anything you imagine them to be of any shape, size, color, and design. The only limitation you will probably face is the approval needed by your building management or to abide by basic regulations, which we can advise on.
  • LED options
    You can choose your LED lighting of your signage to match your theme, style, and message. Lighting can greatly affect one’s mood, and instantly impacts one’s branding.
    Warm white (slightly orangy): friendly and warm ambience
    Pure white (natural white): welcoming and inviting, professional and clean
    Cool white (slightly bluish): cool and neat, decent and tone down


LEDs are known for their cost-effectiveness and longevity— it’s been said that most can last up to 50,000 hours, which is 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs do not emit a lot of heat, and they are capable of transforming more energy into light, allowing them to use 75% less power than their conventional counterparts. Most of our customers do not have issues of their LEDs blowing up or dimming with time; we do not really encounter experiences with such with our signage works, although LEDs do have their lifespan as well.

High Visibility 

It’s been proven that a nicely done up front lit signage helps with high visibility; for instance, when someone who is already looking for a store or brand in a crowded place or dimly lit area would instantly find it if it was front lit as it can be seen from even a far distance.


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