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Our team is trained to be efficient in meeting customers’ requests and enquiries, so you can be sure we’ll answer to your call or respond via email ASAP. We do not provide a specific figure of pricing over the phone, and we not have an estimated quotation list to show as each Signage differs on its pricing based on materials and fonts and other requests of the Signage. 

As such, all quotations over the phone (+65 6246 1039 / +65 8752 6505) or through email (contact@bigimage.com.sg) will be attended to promptly and the team will get back to you ASAP with your information 

There are a few factors that you should consider before deciding on making a Signage for your business/company:

  • What am I trying to accomplish with this Signage? What message/branding do I want to send across to my target audience?
  • Do I have artwork to be printed out, or do I need the professional team to create from scratch?
  • How big do I want it?
  • How long do I hope the sign to last? A temporary sign could be made with Vinyl or Plastic, while a permanent, more lasting sign could be made of Acrylic, Metal or Wood. These different materials have different pricing to your Signage, as to whether you are willing to put in slightly more budget and invest in the long run.
  • Where and how will the sign need to be installed, with the amount of manpower from the team needed to transport the sign, install and secure it? Will additional equipment for rental be needed to install it as well?

It’s best if you could provide us with the following for faster planning:

  • your design (logo / any message / graphics to be included)
  • expectations or samples of your Signage in mind (we have pictures of our past works on our website)
  • pictures of the installation surrounding areas
  • estimated size of Signage
  • or if you prefer, your budget as well.

Our team is well-trained and skilled with the expertise to advise you; we just need more information from you, such as your preference and expectations.

Material— Each material gives off a different feel and image of your business. For example, a metal Signage will give off a more professional and serious impression of your business, whereas for a wood Signage, it can pull off a rustic feel, yet not old-fashioned but welcoming and warm if designed in a modern way. 

If you have no idea what material suits your brand, rest assure that we can advise you based on our years of experience and knowledge.

Font— The font you choose for your Signage should be easy on the eyes, and be legible even from a distance away. Some fonts can be difficult to read; especially when it’s close-narrowed in cursive— your customers may take a longer time to read as compared to simple yet strong fonts that read aloud.

Our team will help you consider factors to perfect visibility, readability, noticeability and legibility when picking your font for your Signage.

The length of time it takes for us to make your sign varies depending on the material, size and complexity of product. We strive to meet your expectations on deadlines, however, we cannot promise a fixed date for your Signage to be put up until all has been properly planned and confirmed. It’s highly advisable you call in early to get your Signage done as it’s better to be early on schedule than late!

Yes, after getting the necessary information from you and you’re interested to work with us, we can arrange an appointment to visit your site for more face-to-face efficient discussion.

As to how lasting your Signage can be, it depends on whether you place it indoor or outdoor. Our team can examine your environment and advise you on the best match of materials for your Signage, as well as for the maintenance. 

It is important to note that your Signage should only be cleaned with soap and water mixture. Avoid damage from harsh cleaners, or any cleaning products that contain ammonia.

Our website only shows the most popular Signage samples, but if you need more designs in mind, please provide us with the desired Signage of your preference or expectations and we can draft out a design for you to start off with.

Big Image Group provides not just Signage services for your company or shop, but mainly in the following aspects too:

  • Visual communications such as digital signs in trade shows and events
  • Vehicle and floor graphics and stickers
  • Point of purchase or informative signs
  • Labels and decals
  • Printing of promotional products

This is the list of FAQs we have received since Big Image Group Pte Ltd started, and we hope it clarifies your doubts. We hope you’ll be able to give us more information, as if without any context or details whatsoever, asking how much will your Signage cost will be like asking “I want to go on a holiday, how much do you charge?” or “I want to renovate my house. How much is it in total?”.

We’ll be happy to answer to any of your enquiries, but we do not warrant a straight forward answer to suit all different needs. Call us now; we’ll talk to you to help us understand your Signage needs— and to be able to give you a good price!

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