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Having the lack of ideas, time or inspiration for strategies searching for a suitable events company for your perfect event? At Big Image Group, we Believe that time is money.Our Young and dynamic team is filled with overflowing creativity, complementing one another with out knowledge, strengths and expertise to bring your dream event come to life!

We are experienced in providing services in professional event management with the innovative use of our highly-advanced technologies, machineries and solutions in our production warehouse. We have established a trusted brand by big corporations, events and exhibitions over many decades.

Brand Activation Events

If you are looking for a professional event planner for your brand activations, from outlet openings to store promotions to grand product launches, creating a massive hype about it will set off your brand or product with a deep impression to make a mark in the market. Our objective is to help you best convey your message to your target audience in any theme of your choice—colourful, exciting and fun, classy or minimalistic, and to transform all the marketing efforts into awareness and revenues for you.

G Shock Brand activation event
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Roadshow Exhibitions Event

Roadshows for the Banking & Finance industry, Government sector, Art galleries and Singapore Telecommunications and Electronic brands—you name it, we have done it! We are also experienced in logistics assistance and fabrication for all props, with our in-house designers to create mock up designs, and our detailed planners to capture your target audience’s attention and to build effective brand awareness for all kinds of exhibition booths and set ups.

Corporate Events

Annual gala dinner, incentive & milestones programs, company retreats, or team building events—these are the best ways to appreciate and recognise your employees’ efforts and results. It is the event that your employees will expect to feel appreciated for their contributions to the company. Whereas for seminars and conferences, they bring business opportunities between clients or professional people in relevant fields or topics to come together and Big Image Group will help you coordinate from the beginning to the end to a successful and memorable event, making sure your employees or delegates will look forward to the next corporate event





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