LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall is the face of shopping malls in recent times, with the potential to reach out to thousands of visitors.
It is definitely worth it to invest on LED Video Wall, with hassle free maintenance solution we provide plus you will never worry about the quality of the video outputs.

LED Video


LED Video Wall looks great from every angle; it is also scalable to any size and delivers clear and catchy images that will gain the attention of everyone.
Big Image Group Pte Ltd is capable of delivering interactive solutions in the form of LED wall that will get your message across to everyone that comes near the display screen. We can provide a different range of outdoor and indoor LED displays to keep your audience fully engaged with the message you want to share.
If you need LED Video Wall for the biggest event in town, as well as for sporting and outdoor events, then you can get in touch with us, and we will bring to your event ensuring it will be a memorable one for all your visitors. We know how to position the video wall rightly and adding to the aesthetic design of your venue.
LED Walls provide a phenomenal appearance in both high and low ambient light environments, and irrespective of the angle it is viewed from, the beauty of the display will still be appreciated. Video walls ensure that you have no need for projectors that can blind the eyes of stage presenters. Using a video wall also means that there will be no challenge about stage performers casting shadows on the display screen.
For those who understand the technical side of LED video walls– it is obvious that LEDs provide better displays because LED has the best form of black when compared to other types of displays.


LED video wall is useful for several settings, and there are different advantages associated with the use of LED video walls. Also, working with a video wall gives your brand a positive image and places its name as one that is compliant with trendy innovations.
Some of the benefits of LED video wall include:

  • High-resolutions visuals

As compared to non-digital screens and other digital displays such as LCD and projector, video walls have high resolution that makes it possible to communicate messages clearly, because images appear clear and sharp, which makes it attractive to viewers.

  • Low maintenance

Video wall utilizes electricity and requires low maintenance to function. Once the installation is done, there is no need for professional attention to keep the video wall running. We can work with anyone in your business and share details on how to keep the system running without much effort. If there is a need for any custom maintenance arrangement with us, we will also be available to assist. There is no need to purchase materials such as filters, lamps and other materials when working with LED.

  • Flexibility

The panels for LED can be attached to make it easy to configure into different shapes and sizes. The location where a video wall can be utilized will also determine the resolution type and pixel pitch of the panels. The ability to choose the right panel according to one’s preference makes LED a good option for both outdoor and indoor usage.

  • Low operational cost

The cost of running LED video wall is low, which is made possible by the improved Technology that has drastically reduced the level of heat produced and other improvements that have reduced the need to replace running parts of the video wall.

  • Modularity

It is possible to have your LED video wall set up to have a curved shape, especially when you want to capture a 270 degrees angle of view. Since LED video wall works with panels that can be arranged together, it has good modularity that makes it possible to gain the attention of people from different angles.

  • 24/7 Operation

There is no down-time with the use of a video wall— a video wall can work in both day and night without going off. This means that while you and your team are engaged with other duties, a video wall can pass across the information you want to communicate to viewers or event visitors. You can definitely rest well at night while your video wall keeps passersby engaged.

  • Long lasting

As compared to other forms of displays such as projectors and LCD, LED displays last longer and as long as the LED diode is still functional. This means that LED video wall can last as long as 14 years, which is cost effective over time.    

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