digital signage singapore

Digital Signage singapore

Digital Signage has advanced far beyond simply replacing posters with LCD and LED screens into a core component of a sound retail strategy. Forward-looking retailers have linked their print, TV, billboard and Web messaging to create a social media presence, and putting mobile solutions in place. Now, they are building digital in-store experiences, further driving the evolution of digital Signage. Check out below for different types of commonly used Digital Signage.

What can you use Digital Signage for ?


Internal communications keep the company up-to-date with the latest news and announcements. Corporate messaging, room booking, emergency information, and the latest figures can be instantly displayed across the network of Digital Signage Singapore screens. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. so you can be sure everyone is informed.


Digital menu boards can not only create a more aesthetically pleasing and efficient way of displaying the menu content, but they typically present up to a 5% sales lift as customers think an easy to read menu is their top priority. Digital Signage sigapore gives the option to experiment with different menu sizing and content design without the need to get it reprinted, therefore, saving time and money.


8 out of 10 customers have entered a store because of a sign catching their interest. This, therefore, makes it clear that Digital window Signage can be an extremely influential medium. It can also increase the traffic into your shop! Constant engagement with the customer, even when you are not interacting face-to-face improves the overall brand experience.


Digital Signage singapore is helping to change the ways in which educational facilities communicate. They help to display announcements, timetables, emergency information and even serve as digital menu boards, allowing fast and legible information to be delivered in real time. Digital Signage singapore offers a completely scalable structure, meaning no matter how many screens you have, you can push your data to a few or all screens with a click.


Keeping patients informed and / or distracted can improve the overall healthcare experience. For example, a queue management system alongside the latest news could help lower anxiety and also psychologically reduce waiting time.


From the advertising network operator's point of view, using Digital Signage for outdoor advertising can be a highly profitable venture. By choosing to advertise using Digital Signage singapore over static signage, the advertising network's monthly revenue can increase by a significant 800% according to MRI. What's more appealing is that by switching from static Signage to Interactive / Touchscreen advertising, ad sales can increase by a massive 1200%

Different Components of Digital signage singapore

There are so many different components to a digital signage Singapore solution, but these are often covered during a few broad categories:

Hardware – the physical elements: screens (digital displays), media players (if necessary), network components, mounts, etc.

Software – the content and device management system(s) and playback software on media players

Connectivity – the ways during which digital displays connect back to the content management system, whether using position, Wi-Fi, or mobile technologies

Installation – the whole installation process, from site surveys through the ultimate installation

Content – the most critical ongoing cost of the network: the continual creation of or subscription to fresh content to stay the network current and relevant

Procurement – the channels end customers use to get the various parts of the digital signage Singapore network.

It is often a confusing process! Arising with the thought of making a digital signage network, whether for revenue, branding, education, or information, is complicated and thus time-consuming. Hopefully, this guide will provide an honest start line and assist you in implementing your digital signage solution.

What is Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Singapore may be a fragmented industry, with many vendors competing to sell you their solution. If you’ve seen a number of the marketing or been to a tradeshow, you would possibly notice that each one the messaging feels very “me-too.” That’s because, at a high level, the components of any digital signage Singapore solution are similar. Only you understand the small print of what technologies are being utilized to start to inform the difference from one vendor to subsequent.

There are four main software components to any given solution: 

1) software that resides on a media player (or inside a display), 

2) content management/distribution software, 

3) device management software, 

4) content creation software.

Let’s explore the components of every category:

Media Player Softwares

If you’ve ever tried to play an Apple Movie file on an old Windows XP computer and threw your hands up in frustration two hours later after repeatedly trying to urge it is working, you’ve got a fair idea of the challenges that developers take into consideration when designing media players.

Media player software plays back media files, utilizing both the CPU and GPU on the pc the software resides on. Different media players support various media sorts through codecs, which decode digital files like images, videos, sites, and IPTV screens and present them visually on digital signage singapore.

More advanced software will save these media files on the interior storage, ensuring uninterrupted playback in case of loss of internet connectivity, as against a streaming solution that relies on persistent internet connectivity to figure. Additional advanced features include:

Reporting on each media through proof of play
Reporting of the health and standing of the media player itself
The ability to interrupt what’s playing on the alphanumeric display for applications like emergency messaging, mobile interactivity, etc.

The ability to synchronize content across different media players, to make broad, spectacular experiences

The digital Signage Singapore industry trend moves far away from the Windows PCs that won’t dominate the market to smaller, less costly solutions. Two driving directions are creating better products: far lower prices: non-PC solutions like Linux, Android, and Chrome and no-PC solutions, commonly mentioned as System on Chip (SoC) display that need no external media player, whatsoever.

On-Premise vs. Cloud

Most Singapore software companies within the digital signage Singapore business call themselves a Content Management System (CMS). CMS companies typically offer an interface (UI) power, which allows users to upload and organize content, organize the content into a playback methodology, create rules and conditions around playback, and then distribute the content to a media player or group of media players.

While many of the software features are standard across the signage industry, there are various critical differences between vendors within the way they manage content. The foremost important distinction is where the software is installed and operated, which directly impacts functionality, security, and business models.

Device Management Software

Uploading, managing, and distributing content is merely one a part of running a digital signage singapore network. If you’re watching deploying multiple digital displays across various locations, it’ll be critical to your success to be ready to manage the system remotely. The simplest device management platforms are powerful tools that collect information on the devices, report that data, and are prepared to take action.

  • The successful download and playback of media assets, gathering the playback data from media player software.
  • checking on the health status of the media player: free disc space, memory usage, temperature, network status, etc.
  • Similar to above, check on the status of the alphanumeric display the media player is either attached to or embedded in
  • Capturing screenshots of what a media player is playing to make sure everything is functioning, needless to say Updating components of the system
  • software updates for media players and firmware updates for digital displays
  • We are taking action against information on the network, for instance, turning the displays on and off, rebooting the device, etc.
  • Create alerts around information on the network through email communication or access into third-party management consoles through APIs
  • Content Creation Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are very limited disadvantages to digital signage in Singapore. One of which is that it is rather costly compared to printed ones. However, the cost is reasonable due to the many conveniences it offers. Firstly, you can edit the content of the signage anytime. Another thing is that it will not be damaged by rain or exposure to sunlight. Lastly, digital signage is more eco-friendly as it produces zero waste.

You can add almost any message on a digital signage. Menu, current promotions, public service announcements, new arrivals and other awareness campaign messages are often the ones that are shown on digital signage. Should you need a professional designer for your content, we also offer that service here at Big Image.

The same way as printed promotions were used before, digital signage can show posters containing the realistic image of the product, its benefits, the promotional price and where you can buy one. The key advantage of using it for product promotion is that digital signage is hi-tech and has a more sophisticated look that can easily capture your audience’s interest.

The cost of digital signage may vary depending on the duration of your campaign. The rate is often computed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Should you want an exact price when you use digital signage for your campaign? Send us an inquiry today so we can give you a non-obligatory quotation.

Digital signage solutions are the future of advertising and marketing. Due to the limitless possibilities being offered by digital signages, not to mention their appeal to the public, they are likely to be among the most effective campaign tools for the years to come. Thus, partnering with a digital signage company today can be beneficial in the long run.

Digital signage displays can be classified into four types: Advertising, Dynamic, Automated and Interactive. Advertising digital signages are the ones we commonly see on sidewalks where digital product posters are being shown. Dynamic digital signage are the ones that can include videos or motion pictures. Automated ones are being used in train stations and airport where trip and flight schedules are shown. Interactive ones are used in fast food chains and malls where you can tap on the screen to order meals or to find information.

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