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Building Signage is used to identify a building, hence helping in branding, advertisement, or marketing. In fact, outdoor signage can create the first impression of your business in the eyes of a customer.

What Is Building Signage?

Any kind of graphical display that can convey information to an audience is known as signage. As the name implies, building signage is a type of signage that is used to convey information in and around the buildings. With the use of text or symbols, the building signage can be used for many purposes. For example, it can be used as a safety sign in the form of a warning sign, emergency sign, mandatory action sign or fire safety sign. It may also be used to provide information, give directions or to promote something.

In today’s world, we cannot ignore the importance of building signage. Attractive and good-looking signage has its own importance when it comes to making a business successful. In this competitive market, now a business depends on many factors apart from creating effective communication with customers. One such factor is to invest in good building signage not only to attract customers but to get brand exposure as well. Although signage can beautify a building, such signage must get that works well for your business. For example, signage must spread a story of a business so people can get to know what the business is offering.

On the other hand, inside the buildings, signage can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used to identify a room or area within the building. To direct people where to go in a building, there is not always a person standing at all times. At this point, if the right building signage is in place, a person visiting the office or building can find his way without any help. Apart from signs that show directions, there is other signage as well that may prohibit someone to enter in a certain area of a building, hence indicating health and safety hazards.

Why Building Signage Is Important For Your Business?

1) Build Customer Attention

Outdoor building signage in Singapore is a great way to represent the most visible form of brand communication. As we can judge a book by its cover, similarly, building signage may give a message to your customers that the business they are looking for is of sound quality or not, hence building customer attention.

2) Build a Brand

Signage is an important component in building brand awareness. Being an essential component of a company’s marketing strategy, signage may allow customers to make a connection with your brand before they actually enter the store. This may ultimately result in new opportunities for customer acquisition or repeat business. In short, good outdoor signage contributes to the overall branding of a company.

3) Store Face Recognizable

When it comes to communicating your business to your customers or to make a store face recognizable in the eyes of customers, signage plays an important role. It is your business signage that may affect the perception of people about your business.

4) Creating the Local Trust

Apart from informing about a brand, building signage do much more than that. It is the quality or attractiveness of the signs on the basis of which the customers may make assumptions about a business. Being a cost-effective marketing tool, signage can knowledge as well as the reputation of your business which may ultimately result in creating the local trust.

Some Building Signage you can choose from.

First Get Approval from the Authorities


To determine the location of outdoor signage for your building, you must get approval from the following authorities:

Your proposed building signage must comply with the BCA or URA regulations.

Building Signage Guidelines
Building Signage Guidelines
Building Signage Guidelines
Building Signage Guidelines

How to Choose the Qualified Company for Building Signage

The following are a few factors that must be considered while choosing the best company for building signage:-


building signage

One of the most essential tips for choosing the best signage company is to determine the experience of a company. It is important to consider that for how many years, the company has been designing signs? A company who has been in the business for more than 20 years is more likely to support your signage through its life as compared to the company who has been in the business for just a few years.


building signage

Apart from getting to know how much work the signage company has done in the past, it is important to determine the quality of their work. Remember, the signage that is made with the highest-quality materials tend to last longer and need less maintenance throughout their lifespan. That is why you must consider the quality of the signage that a company is making.

On Time

building signage`

To get to know whether the signage company Singapore can build the signage for your business or not, checking the references of a company is essential. Do they complete work on time? Is the signage company reputable or not? What customers say about its services? In this way, you can get to know whether the company you are going to choose for signage can handle your job or not.


Backlit Signage

For getting the best signage for your business, your business and the signage company must be a good fit. For this, first, you must know what type of design you want for the signage. After that, determine the capacity of the signage company. Ask the signage company that what type of designs it provides and does it provide design assistance or not.


building signage

Checking the professionalism of a signage company is another important factor that must be considered before choosing a company.

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