Why "Do Not Enter" signs are important?

Covid-19: Quarantine Area Sign

In this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that businesses and companies have to take precaution to the hygiene and safe distancing measures, signs that inform you to scan for QR code and check for safe entry before entering or not to enter at all without authorisation are widely used especially in the hospitals and the highly-sensitive quarantined areas where Covid affected patients are isolated for observations and treatments. By putting up such signs will also adopt tight control measures and help in the risk of spreading the infection.

The Restricted Area Sign

‘Restricted Area’ signs warn visitors and employees to keep off a facility, worksite areas or plant floors and be extra cautious of the dangers and hazards the environment could potentially bring, beyond a certain point they should not cross.

Stop Do Not enter Sign

The ‘Do Not Enter’ sign is one of the most commonly and globally recognized road signs that are visible and well-informed from a distance and drivers know instantly that such signs are placed for safety reasons that they should steer off from right away. A red background informs a signal that calls for attention and with bold white or black font would feature a powerful warning to it.

Authorised Person Only Sign

‘Authorised Person Only’ signs are mainly used in offices and premises where a licensed and authorised only person is allowed to enter due to security or safety reason, and will not be allowed without the permission and security clearance of at least one authorised personnel. This is usually because the workplace has confidential and high-secured information that should only have tight access among the employees.

Stop Do Not enter Sign

This simple ‘Stop Do Not Enter’ in a box sign is a typical type of sign used for various property borders, restricted lands, or industrial areas. They are straightforward and are easy to understand by anyone from a distance.

Rounded Do Not enter sign

The rounded ‘Do Not Enter’ sign is also a similar kind of sign used in various companies. Generally, they look more attractive and attention-seeking, and which we can find at parking areas and on private houses’ gates too.

Do Not enter without text Sign

This universal sign has been registered in everyone’s minds as a warning to keep off. Although it does not contain any text, this sign that has a \ or / in the centre of a circle signifies “stop”, and it is usually placed in high-paced or heavy traffic flow areas where people do not have the time to stop and read the words to understand.

How Important is "Do Not Enter" Sign?

If you see a “Do Not Enter” check-in any facility, you ought to obey the signage Singapore as it is being put up there for a reason and immediate action is imperative, and failing to follow it can put you or others in peril. If you are in a government building or hospital, you will see these signage Singapore posted in many restricted areas and only authorised persons are allowed to enter within the zones. These areas could also be restricted because they are potentially dangerous or hazardous. For example, the laboratory in a hospital will be prohibited by anybody else besides the professional employees licensed and authorised to carry out their specific allocated tasks as the room usually contains harmful chemicals and biological hazards. Most offices are restricted to access to everyone as well, as there are sensitive and highly confidential data and information. Even there is no direct danger involved, it is still necessary to post a “Do Not Enter” sign for warning in advance to prevent detrimental outcomes.

Road signs are usually placed on the right side of the road or above roads where they will be visible to both drivers and pedestrians to give instant instructions. ‘Do Not Enter’ signage are placed within the centre to spot a one-way street and create a barrier that prevents drivers from entering a roadway. Also, signs placed beforehand in advance can warn off road users of the dead-end roads ahead.
One of the factors that public officials must consider for road signs to be effective and not end up complicating is to not post too many signs in a distance. As it works for Marketing and in any other aspects of businesses, prompting and overusing too many signs can cause people to pay lesser attention to them. If a signage Singapore  pops out of nowhere or only once in a long distance, it usually conveys immediate signal of danger and will work better as an efficiency measure.

Dangerous areas definitely require the utilisation of ‘Do Not Enter’ signs. Without them, unsuspecting people who are not aware or are ignorant of the possible dangers ahead may wander into a neighbourhood or zone and put themselves in great danger. One example of such would be a situation in a construction site. It may be tempting for curious teenagers to enter them as they might be oblivious to the dangers they would get themselves into, and it will be extra work and manpower to constantly have guards to monitor and keep off people from entering a restricted zone, therefore it is necessary for companies to abide to putting up these mandatory signs as it is as important for everyone to understand the meaning behind these signs and to follow them strictly. It is the company’s responsibility to put up warning signs if it is a company-registered premise, and the owners’ responsibility if it is a private property.

All businesses should strictly abide to putting up safety signs in an environment that employees or non-employees spend time at every day as this represents an essential element of their health and safety policies. By not considering the role of safety signs within the workplace might be a crucial oversight for companies in many industries, although it is of legal requirements to do so. The success of a workplace safety intervention often depends on the degree to which managers are ready to communicate, educate and inform the organization’s safety gear and fire safety equipment, and health and safety policies to employees. These instructions and procedures on how to use the gear and equipment should emergency arise also help to highlight the importance of workplace safety and to follow the safety signs, if not they will not have the knowledge and are less likely to follow the principles as closely as they ought to towards safe work practices.

Instant visual communication of key safety messages
Comprehensive training programs that include a substantial amount of reading on the instructions and learning and application of the right procedures are essential to implementing workplace health and safety policies too. The understanding of the safety signs lies in the employees’ abilities to speak the foremost essential safety messages that are visual. Safety signs are not intended as a replacement for comprehensive safety training, but they are an essential supplement to provide clear reminders of the foremost crucial safety messages within the places they are most necessary at. In diverse workplaces where employees might not speak English as their native or fluent language or where the working environment is too noisy that verbal warnings could be missed, the importance of clear communication through safety signs cannot be underestimated.
Safety signs feature clear, simple text instructions and attention-grabbing visual designed photographic illustrations of the hazard they want to represent. They are usually color-coded and explicitly shaped to form it evident at a first look when an employee is entering a high-risk area or which requires an immediate action to take.

It is of utmost importance that safety signage Singapore are designed to offer warnings in advance and in many cases, they also provide companies with safer methods to work in the environment. Care kits, such as the fire extinguisher and safety goggles and shields, should be placed in spots where they are easy to spot and be retrieved from. A fire extinguisher or any safety guides can be near a safe exit route, or just beside the emergency exit door.
In creating a safe working environment is not only important for employees, but also for visitors, clients and members of public who visit the worksite by chance or through arrangements. This represents a commitment of the company to everyone’s safety and health, influencing all work activities and the competency of employees, equipment and materials used, and the way safer methods of work can be done.

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