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Acrylic Signage Singapore

Acrylic Signage is one of the most versatile among the materials used for making Signage. Its flexibility when it comes to functionality and aesthetics is unequaled allowing you to highlight the identity of your brand with finesse and in style.


Acrylic Signage is made from a colorless, transparent, durable polymer material formed into plastic sheets that resemble glass clarity. Due to versatility, flexibility, strength, and lighter weight, it’s often referred to as glass, which is, of course, more fragile. Ready to be printed and spray painted with a full scale of colors, signs provide a clean, sophisticated look to virtually any space. Acrylic Signage can also be mentioned as Plexiglas, Lucite, Acrylite, Crylux, Perspex, or plastic glass.


A lot of business owners choose Acrylic signage over Glass for their Sign material, as the former is more durable and cost-efficient than the latter. Its advantages as compared to Glass include:

  • The ability to withstand harsh weather and accidents as can be easily found all over the web as well, research has shown Acrylic Signage is 17 times stronger compared to Glass. Thus, this makes it virtually unbreakable and is shatterproof. If it does break, it will just separate into large, blunt shards rather than uncountable pieces that will be difficult and risky to clean up after.
  • One can produce a completely clear Signboard even after going through processes like etching, printing, and overlaying designs, whereas Glass tends to leave that faint green tinge.
  • It’s lighter and less likely to break into millions of tiny pieces compared to Glass; this lightweight ability makes installations less of a hassle.
  • It’s cheaper so acquiring and shipping it will not leave a huge hole in your pocket.


Acrylic signage is moldable and comes in a wide variety of colors. You do not have to compromise on the look of your brand when using this material for your Sign. With it, you can let your imagination and creativity run free and still achieve desirable results.

The streamlined, clean, and sophisticated glass-like qualities of signboard contribute greatly to the Signage’s aesthetics.

Its flexibility extends beyond it being moldable. You can print or affix any design you want on it including photos. You can choose to do it on a flat lay or use the material to make dimensional Signs. It even works brilliantly well with lights, so to put more emphasis on your brand or make it more visible during nighttime, this will be a good move.

Its availability in a wide range of color variants makes it possible for you not to compromise whatever dominant hues your brand contains, or up to your preference and taste.

Acrylic Signage is also easier to maintain compared to Glass. It does not get dirty as easily, so maintenance is minimal.


Common applications for Acrylic signage :

acrylic signage
acrylic signage
acrylic signage
acrylic signage

Retail advertising: If you’re a commercial establishment looking to attract more walk-in customers off the road or help your loyal customers find your store easier, you’ll likely want to use custom signs to accomplish these goals. signage Singapore can support internal and external lighting, indoors, or outdoors for weather conditions, and stands out equally in both daytime or nighttime.

Menu boards: If you’re in food services, you should use to make large menu boards hanging behind service counters. signs graphics can make menu options to leap bent those viewing the board, improving a customer’s experience while ordering.

Office building signs: signs offer a form of decoration for office buildings. They can be placed in reception areas, hallways, or communal working spaces to be more visually appealing and also provide the necessary information clear at the same time.

Trade show exhibits: The glossy, attention-getting nature of the signboard makes it a perfect trade show option. At a fair, you’ll be vying for the eye of attendees, so standing out from the competition is paramount. You’ll be confident that custom signs will gain individuals’ vision of walking by and make your company appear more professional.

Restaurant signs: Impressions are very important when it comes to an F&B outlet. To spread awareness about your restaurant and become a premier location in your community or area, you should utilize an outstanding restaurant signboard to attract pedestrian traffic for an impromptu meal. Additionally, the signs are often designed to send a message about how casual or formal your restaurant is. Make use of attractive colors in your signage as a form of psychological marketing.

Point-of-purchase signs: Companies that use point of purchase signs will love the way acrylic is often modified. Point-of-purchase signs direct customers to a specific product during a store to encourage customers to shop for it or undertake a free sample. To urge their attention, these signs will often be customized to be as eye-catching as possible while also pointing the viewer to the merchandise. Since the sign is so customizable and flexible in the making, it’s perfect for the requirements of point-of-purchase signs.

Showroom signs: Companies that often hold auctions or sell high-level products usually use signs to spotlight the foremost appealing objects purchasable. For instance, businesses that run a car showroom will often strategically place signage near cars that dealers are trying to sell. The signs will draw attention to the vehicles while also providing information about the make, model, year, and other relevant and important information.

Directional signs: signage is additionally an incredible option for wayfinding signage. Its visually appealing nature ensures people will notice the directions and know where they have to travel. Since signs are durable, you won’t need to worry about your signs becoming damaged or obscured.

To understand more about signs, which Big Image Group has over 25 years of experience and expertise on, speak to our team! We will be most happy to answer your doubts and expectations. 

Undoubtedly attractive

Finish it with 3D cutout and printing on top.

acrylic signage
acrylic signage

Long-lasting and lightweight

Acrylic is known to be long lasting and lightweight.

Speaks for itself

Finish it with off with lighting for an enhanced glow.

acrylic signage
acrylic signage
signage singapore
signage singapore
acrylic signage

Top 3 Benefits of using Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signs are durable, making them a great alternative for glass due to its clear transparency and professional smooth-finish. Acrylic sign making companies like to ethically promote acrylic signs regularly for the benefits acrylic can offer and are proven for decades.

1) Professional & Attractive

The acrylic’s glass-like quality looks clean and professional when used as a background for easy texts or graphics, as a corporate logo. Additionally to acrylic signs, acrylic works well for nameplates that sit on the desks of employees.

2) Lightweight & Durable

One of the best features of acrylic is its durability. The tough material will not be easily broken and shattered like glass, and it is resistant against all types of weather making it best useful for both indoor or outdoor signage. Although acrylic signs may be a tough, they are significantly lighter in weight than glass, making transportation and installation easier. These qualities allow the acrylic signs to last longer than other signage materials, which is crucial for businesses when investing in advertising and signs.

3) Easily Customizable

Acrylic has the power to be bent and molded into any shape or size, making it easy for manufacturers to customise the work up to the client’s requirements. It also has the ability to turn a classy look to office space, and besides being customisable, it is also affordable for any businesses, including new start-ups for advertising purposes. With our long history of acrylic signs service in Singapore, whatever design you are visualising for your business, we can create it for you. All of our acrylic signs are 100% customised and made from scratch so they are not duplicated.


Convinced that Acrylic is the perfect material for your Acrylic business’ Sign? The next step is to call on a trustworthy Signboard making company that can further advise and helps you with it.

At Big Image Group, we’ve worked with countless business owners, bringing life to the dreams they have for their brands. Allow us to give life to yours, too. For any doubts, call or visit our office direct

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