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Acrylic Signage is one of the most versatile among the materials used for making Signage. Its flexibility when it comes to functionality and aesthetics is unequaled allowing you to highlight the identity of your brand with finesse and in style.



Acrylic Signage is a plastic material, technically referred to as “thermoplastic homopolymer.” Most types of acrylic material are UV-stable and come in a wide range of variants, finish – clear or frosted – and thickness-wise.


A lot of business owners choose Acrylic over Glass for their Signage material, as the former is more durable and cost-efficient than the latter. Its advantages as compared to Glass include:

  • The ability to withstand harsh weather and accidents— as can be easily found all over the web as well, research has shown Acrylic is 17 times stronger compared to Glass. Thus, this makes it virtually unbreakable and is shatterproof. If it does break, it will just separate into large, blunt shards rather than uncountable pieces that will be difficult and risky to clean up after.


  • One can produce completely clear Acrylic Signage even after going through processes like etching, printing and overlaying designs, whereas Glass tends to leave that faint green tinge.


  • It’s lighter and less likely to break into millions of tiny pieces compared to Glass; this lightweight ability makes installations less of a hassle.


  • It’s cheaper so acquiring and shipping it will not leave a huge hole in your pocket.


Acrylic is moldable and comes in a wide variety of colors. You do not have to compromise on the look of your brand when using this material for your Signage. With it, you can let your imagination and creativity run free and still achieve desirable results.

The streamlined, clean and sophisticated glass-like qualities of Acrylic contribute greatly to the Signage’s aesthetics.

Its flexibility extends beyond it being moldable. You can print or affix any design you want on it including photos. You can choose to do it on a flat lay or use the material to make dimensional Signage. It even works brilliantly well with lights, so to put more emphasis on your brand or make it more visible during nighttime, this will be a good move.

Its availability in a wide range of color variants makes it possible for you not to compromise whatever dominant hues your brand contains, or up to your preference and taste.

Acrylic Signage is also easier to maintain compared to Glass. It does not get dirty as easily, so maintenance is minimal.


Common applications for Acrylic :

  • 2 Dimensional/Flat & 3 Dimensional Signage
  • Lightboxes
  • Smaller sign boards for trade exhibits
  • Custom-made holders
  • Signs pointing directions
  • Labels & nameplates
  • Pamphlet holders


Acrylic makes departing from what is conventional easier. It can even be used to enhance the visual beauty of whatever existing Signage you have should you wish to just improve whatever branding you have now.

Layering differently colored Acrylic strips with your business name strategically placed on top, utilizing multi-colored letters to customizing logos and other objects connected to your brand name and business— all these are possible when using Acrylic material.

Convinced that Acrylic is the perfect material for your business’ Signage? The next step is to call on a trustworthy Signage company that can further advise and help you with it.

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