6 Types of Signage to attract customers

Signage  is the most fundamental marketing tool to boost up the presence of your business. Without the proper insights on how to go upon choosing an effective signage, though, it will negatively impact the impression of how people see your business or brand—putting up a sign for the sake of it does not mean your business will thrive right after.

There are several factors that one should take into consideration to when choosing a good signage, and some important ones include quality, color contrast, size and visibility of it. However, the first step to choosing one is the material type for the signage in singapore. If you are at this page, you are most likely one of the people who need more details and insights on what signage to go for.

Here are the 6 types of signage that a retail or commercial business in Singapore can choose from:

3D Signage Singapopre

How can 3D Signage help your business to stand out from your competitors? As the name suggests, 3D being 3-Dimensional, it is hard to go unnoticed given its size, shape, depth and pop-out contrast and shadow effect. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoors; when mounted outdoors, they have the ability to withstand harsh weathers.

In Singapore, 3D signs are the most popular type of sign that clients would choose among all other signs. The different materials of a 3D sign are Acrylic, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass,  and Wood.

Acrylic Signage

Acrylic is the most durable and versatile type of plastic, and by using Acrylic for signage, it does look clean and professional like glass material. The benefit over this similarity of acrylic with glass is that it does not break or shatter easily, and it comes with a cheaper cost as well. Furthermore, acrylic can be molded and bent easily in different shapes and designs—being as versatile and flexible for enhanced creativity and workability.

led signage

One great way to stand out in the market against your competitors is making your brand outstandingly unique. LED signs can appear intense, yet comfortable on the eyes—making them a suitable type of signage for all types of businesses that aim to be more noticeable compared to the competitors or other signs along the same stretch of road or in the building. LED signs usually go by a standard font and fewer color selections for professionalism.

However, unprotected LED lighting under the lack of knowledge use can be too harsh on the eyes, and as a result, becomes infeasible as a way to attract customers; so, the better alternative is to present LED behind acrylic or generally use it as a backlighting element which Big Image Group can professionally advise on. Here are the 3 different types of LED signs that you can make for your business:

  • Front Lit
    As the name suggests, a Front Lit is lit from in front of the display—thus, a Front Lit signage would mean it lights up from the front of and the entire sign, making it exceptionally bright and eye-catching.


  • Back Lit
    One of the highlights of Back Lit signage is its professional look by the ring of light from behind and around the sign. With LEDs integrated in the lettering channels, it has its powerful way to make the signage stand out in a fast-paced environment given its halo lighting effects— be it day or night.


  • Lightbox
    Having a translucent opal acrylic or polycarbonate surface illuminated from the back, Lightbox Signage is excellent as a sign choice given its light that pops up from within. Made using enclosed aluminum frames, Lightbox Signage can be customized in any free shapes and sizes to match the company’s brand or style.

    Lightbox signs serve as a 24/7 advertising tool for your business as it is constantly lit up and best seen from all angles and a far distance away. They are best for creating more vibrancy in promotional displays due to its lighting in enclosed frame.

Metal Signage 3

Signage made with metal are very distinctive in nature—given its sharp, bold and reflective characteristics. The top reason why metal signs are high in demand in the market is due to its durability as a good quality metal signage will not rust easily as thought out to be; being long-lasting and unbreakable, it will save money in the long time without having to be replaced or maintained so soon.

Window Neon Signage

It takes meticulous craftmanship to bend the neon glass tubes using heat and with the appropriate amount of glue to form a neon sign to represent any brand. Neon evokes classic impressions of how mainly Las Vegas, Tokyo and Hong Kong streets look like back in the 1950s, and even till today. Neon signs are usually chosen if the business or brand likes to make themselves seem off as fun, positive or chill—directly spreading happy vibes to anyone who sees the lit signs.

Wood Signage

Wood and cement complement each other— which is why many interior designers choose to match wood with cement interiors; likewise, our designers in Big Image Group like to work with wood signs against our clients’ cement walls or floorings. Our team is skilled to produce carve wood, laser engrave, emboss or paint letters on wood and graphics on wooden signboards using our advanced CNC machineries.

These are the 6 main types of signage used for businesses in Singapore—each having their own benefits and characteristics to suit your brand image. We ensure smooth satisfaction from the first step—from our quality materials used, signage well designed by our in-house-designers, fabrication, and to the last step of installation of the selected sign, in order to meet customers’ needs to boost up your businesses and sales revenues with our signage services. Speak to our team for more advice and ideas!

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