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From building signage, to retail branding & corporate offices signage, we make all kinds of signage like 3D Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Neon, Lightbox, Front Lit, Back Lit & more!

3D Signage Singapore can be made from a wide variety of materials. These selections include:

· Acrylic

· Wood

· Steel or Stainless Steel ( Copper, Brass and Rose gold effect )

· Aluminum

These are all fit for both Indoor and Outdoor uses. When mounted outdoors, quality-made 3D Signage has the ability to withstand harsh weathers better than 2D signboards and having a longer lifespan than the latter. 3D signage is basically a more enhanced version of 2D work.

Making yourself known in the market is vital; you can be the most transparent business, but none of that matters if no one knows your branding and what benefits you bring to other companies, clients, or the community.

Adding and focusing on your 3D signage dimensions takes that essential fulfillment and elevates it to the subsequent level, making your business stand out from the average. Some companies do not make use of three-dimensional signage, and they are missing out. There’s no limit to how elaborate and extensive your sign should be. Some take it to extremes with huge lettering and sophisticated sculptures, and others keep it simple – it is right down to what suits your business and branding.

Some businesses expose themselves to more outstanding designs than others. A law consultancy firm or accountancy firm is not the best kind of industry and company to push sign making boundaries. They offer a more formal and professional type of business that requires no fanciful and fun style. Their potential customers need a more serious and trustworthy service, and their signs should reflect that. However, that also does not mean characters should be flat, boring, and bland.

With all the elements that make up a stable business, a good plan is needed should you decide to use 3D Signage in Singapore to make your brand stand out. Consider the answers to these questions when you plan:

The location – indoors or outdoors – is important in determining the materials that are going to be used when making your Signage. Size also factors in. Acrylic is sufficient for smaller signboards. They can also be mounted easily as one object. On the other hand, fabricating a bigger 3D Signage needs sturdier forms of materials such as steel or aluminum. Opting for large-sized 3D Signage means more work and longer manufacturing time. Letters and objects may have to be fabricated individually, to be implemented later on during the mounting.

Throughout the years that Big Image Group been working to keep up to competitive trends in this industry, we’ve met many business owners who had to abort their initial 3D Signage plans because their budgets were not enough to cover these. Advice is not to make the same mistake when planning your business’ signboard. Be sure to talk to your 3D Signage maker carefully about your expectations; ask about the possible costs and put the information into account before jumping in on having the company make one for you. Big Image strives to understand and produce quality and results in terms of your expectations!
There are certain malls and authorities that require their tenants to have 3D lettering and design for uniformity and aesthetic purposes. Be aware of these requirements before you commit to one to prevent inconvenience and extra cost at a later part. Additionally, if your business or brand logo has intricate designs, it’s best to have a simpler scheme for your 3D Signage to avoid breakages and damages.

3D Signage is a visual representation of your business. It is without a doubt that if your 3D Signage is appropriately and effectively used, it can make your business stand out from the average.

Your 3D Signage has to have explicit details and representations of your business name, logo, colors, theme, contact info, etc. that set a distinctive image and impression to your loyal customers and potential clients.

Consider the impact on the customer’s mind when a store has no signage or it is a broken or poorly maintained one. What will the customer believe on its brand, merchandise and service? There is no way the reviews would be excellent.

The exterior will be the instant impression that will make the customer decide if he or she wants to enter to see more of the interior. you employ it.

Big Image Group is honored to be one of Singapore’s leading suppliers and makers of business 3D Signage. Our years of experience have allowed us to gain great knowledge and skills about the industry we’re working in.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients from different backgrounds and industries, satisfactorily meeting their standards when it comes to Signage quality, impact, and cost.

We would be more than happy to hear from you, in giving each other an opportunity to work together to create the utmost satisfaction. Our team is looking forward to your inquiry, as we will give you our best advice and quotation.


for over 25 years

With our years of 3D signage making experience in Singapore, equipped with the latest technologies & machineries, we have our in-house designers to meet your visual expectations before fabrication.

With our skilled production team’s technical expertise, they are well-trained in manufacturing every different material & installing the signage to perfect satisfaction.

With heads full of ideas in Big Image Group, we make sure it is not just any idea- it must be BIG!

Accise floating 3d signage
Accise floating 3d signage
Accise floating 3d signage

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